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Going Break Up Crazy! 5 Signs You’re Stalking Your Ex

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Going Break Up Crazy! 5 Signs You’re Stalking Your Ex

If you’re showing up at his fave spots, you might be entering Stalker Zone.

We’ve all fallen head over heels in love. He’s all you think about and everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. You enter into either a relationship or a situationship with said guy, and it feels amazing.

But, things don’t always work out the way we wish. Feelings aren’t always mutual. And your guy, the one you’re madly in lust with, ends it. Noooooo! You’re crushed, but slowly but surely move on. Or you’re so devastated  that you go absolutely batshit crazy.

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It happens. Men and women sometimes can’t let go and become obsessed with the objection of their affection. Is that you? Not sure? Here are some signs that you are entering the Stalker Zone:

Social Media Sleuthing 

After a breakup, it’s only natural to look at your former guy’s Facebook page. During this mourning period, we look for any sign of hope or any reason for his sometimes sudden departure. What is not normal behavior is checking his Facebook profile multiple times per day to see where he is, what he is doing and who he is doing it with. If you also look up his recently added friends and search through the profiles of women who comment or like his photos, you’re kind of a stalker.

Contacting His Female “Friends”

Due to Facebook features such as tagging, it is easy to find out who your former flame is spending his time with. Even if his page is on lockdown, people love to gossip, so you’ll discover soon enough who is the new apple of his eye. If you find yourself looking for her on Facebook so you can message her that she’s a piece of shit, or that she’s a slut for taking your man, you need to stop. By hitting sendyou are proving that you are out of control and completely unstable.

Showing Up Everywhere He Is

Does your former guy go to Wing Night Wednesday’s  with his friends at his favorite bar? Have you suddenly acquired a taste for wings and decided to invite your girls out to that very same spot as unknowing accomplices? If you are following him hoping you’ll bump into him and that he’ll talk to you, you’re going to look desperate. It’s just unattractive. In some cases, depending on how often you’re “running” into him, it may even be scary.

Rapid Fire Texting

If someone breaks up with me, they are dead to me. I delete their number and move on to the next. When someone breaks up with you, Stalker, you text them to check in. You text “heyyy,” get no response, yet text again. You might be so text happy that you send him a selfie, a random fun fact, then a funny meme. That’s what I call rapid fire texting.

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But, you have to realize that this person is ignoring you. A lot of phones have a “block caller” feature. My phone does, and guess what? I use it for people like you. If someone is not interested, no sexy pic or funny meme will make him or her want to be with you.


This is a huge sign that you have gone too far. If you have researched his ex girlfriends, prior addresses or family members, you have a problem. You have spent an extensive amount of time doing Internet searches on a man or woman you are no longer in a relationship (or situationship) with.

I get it, letting go of someone you have deep feelings for is extremely difficult. But, if the feelings are not mutual or reciprocated,  you have to find the strength to move on. If you are unable to do this and find yourself doing any of the things above, seek therapy. ‘Cause you don’t want to be Batshit Crazy Stalker Laduly forever.

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Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Tabitha is a self-proclaimed free spirit who travels extensively throughout the USA. She has a bold writing style and offers her insight on love, dating and relationships on and She writers from her own experience as an independent woman exposed to the world of modern-day dating. Her goal is to enable women to value themselves above all else and find happiness in this great big world.


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