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Relationship Dish: Is It Cheating If There Is No Sex?

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Relationship Dish: Is It Cheating If There Is No Sex?

He connected with another woman but is it cheating? Should you leave him? Some advice.

Is it really cheating if there’s no sex?  This is the million dollar question for many people in relationships. Also, add another one to the mix: if you discover that your partner strayed but never sealed the deal, would you still consider it cheating?

Sex is one aspect of a relationship.

Sex can be one of the major things that you and your man share, or it can be a smaller piece of the relationship. When it comes to couplehood, there are other pieces of the puzzle, like trust, friendship, laughter and ups and downs. Of course, it will be devastating if your partner cheats on you by having sex with someone else. Some women will choose to leave. Some women will choose to stay. And some will simply get even. The choice is ultimately yours.

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We are sexual beings.

All the love in the world for one person does not stop our primal tendencies to feel an attraction toward another person. How far you let that attraction go is the real test. Now, if your partner strayed once but is perfect in every other way, you have a tough choice. If he isn’t in the running to win the award for Mr. Serial Cheater, you may want to take your time and think about what’s best for you, your relationship and your family. Do not make rash decisions at the time of impact and heartbreak.

To stay or to go…

You haven’t made a rash decision but a decision must be made. If he had an emotional affair, what do you do? Often times this type of cheating is much worse. Your partner has felt an emotional connection rather than just a physical one with someone other than you. Hour-long talks about life, the sharing of dreams and aspirations, finding commonalities: this brings people closer together. The intimacy that develops can be stronger than the intimacy that occurs during sex. It’s this type of cheating that makes you wonder, “What’s lacking in our relationship that he went to find it with someone else?”

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No matter what was lacking don’t be too quick to blame yourself. You are not the one who cheated. You must, however, reevaluate the relationship and ask yourself a few other questions: can I trust him again despite the fact that he cheated? Can we rebuild our emotional connection and our intimacy? Once you have the answers you will know what to do.

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