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Gotta Big Ass? It Doesn’t Make You More Attractive to Men

Big Booty
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Gotta Big Ass? It Doesn’t Make You More Attractive to Men

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Or not? A study discovers that big booties ain’t all that.

When I was younger my booty was not as round or big as I liked. Why would a teenager want a juicy derriere? In the Latino culture, particularly the Dominican culture, a fine ass trumps a beautiful face and a great personality. I wanted boys to be into me, but many of the boys I liked desired the chica with the fat ass. They’d check her out when she’d strut by and ignore my plancha of an ass. Yes, my booty was as flat as an ironing board.

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Ok, maybe I’m exaggeration. My booty was more like a mound. Still, I wanted it poke out like the highest peak of the biggest mountain!

Lucky for me, my Dominican genes kicked in with age and my ass grew accordingly. Thing is my ass doesn’t make me more attractive to men – that’s according to a study published in the journal of Evolution & Human Behavior. Yes, a woman with a large patras appeals to men due to the tie to fertility and reproduction, but attraction doesn’t just stem from body parts. We have to look at the whole package. That’s personality, energy and yes, a pretty face.

The study even measured the attractiveness of movement. Turns out that they way you move can be a huge turn on (or off) to men. So, strut down the street like it’s a catwalk. Whether you have a big ass or small ass, move with confidence. Cause in the end that’s what makes you really fine.

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