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7 of the Best and Saddest Breakup Songs Including Best Lyric

Saddest Breakup Song

Ay Love!

7 of the Best and Saddest Breakup Songs Including Best Lyric

List of the saddest and most heart wrenching breakup songs including Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and Apologies by Delilah Tollinchi.

After a breakup all a woman needs is a sad love song. Or maybe a man-hating one?

Music may not make the world go round (that’s money, honey) but it does lift us up where we belong. For me, music brightens up my day. Whenever I am irritated and need a reminder of all my blessings, I listen to “Happy Face” by Destiny’s Child.

But sometimes I don’t want to get on and get happy. Sometimes I want to remain somber or even lash out. Because I’ve been heartbroken. I’ve sung in my panties while swinging a bottle of tequila. I’ve sobbed in a corner because of a love that was lost, even if he was never really mine. And eventually I reflect. I belt out tunes that have lifted women by their heels and pushed men by their jock straps.

After all, this is what breakup songs are for.

What better way to forget a man who’s hurt you or betrayed you? No. There really isn’t a better way to get over a broken heart. At least not one that won’t get you in trouble with the popo.

So, without further ado, here are seven of the best empowering (and sometimes sobering and heart-wrenching) breakup songs.

Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra

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Best Lyric: Now he's gone, I don't know why. Till this day, I sometimes I cry. Didn't even say goodbye. Didn't even take the time to lie.

Bang Bang
Yo No Lloro Por Llloras
Back to Black
Que Sera De Mi

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