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The Benefits of Settling Down With A Reformed Playboy

George and Amal Clooney

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The Benefits of Settling Down With A Reformed Playboy

A reformed playboy had his fun and knows the grass is not greener on the other side.

George Clooney vowed he would never marry again. He planned to ride the wisecracking, eligible bachelor act all the way to his deathbed, happily serial-dating women while drinking Sangria on Lake Cuomo. Then he met Amal Alamuddin, the UK human rights lawyer, and chocked on his words.

Some of you might roll your eyes at this shimmering Hollywood love story, but the blueprint is the real deal. As long as a man survives his playboy years relatively unscathed (no present STD’s or rando baby mommas that he knows of) settling down with a reformed playboy may be the best decision of your life.

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So lets break down why reformed Lotharios can make great life partners.

He’s seen the grass on the other side and knows it’s not greener.

A guy who’s only ever been with one person, or been in a relationship through his entire 20s, might grow more curious as he gets older and be plagued by questions, like: “Have I had sex with enough women?” “Did I live it up enough while I was still young and sexually viable?” The reformed playboy experienced that stuff while it was still appropriate for his age and station in life. He’s like the young dog who ran away from home and came back on his own freewill once he realized his warm doggy bed was more satisfying than the life of a stray. A guy who never went through a playboy phase is now some old pooch, wishing he had big enough doggy balls to go out and explore when he was a young pup.

He’s gotten it all out of his system.

sick night the hangover

He had an orgy one wild weekend in Vegas. He’s had threesomes. He knows what it’s like to multitask an entire roster of side chicks. He’s had a few pregnancy scares that forced him to slump his dick on the sidelines for a while. He got a rub-and-tug this one time in Montreal. He blacked out at a full moon party in Thailand, woke up in bed with a ladyboy and booked it out of there on a scooter. He got a blow job at the red light district in Amsterdam. He had a brief encounter with a woman 20 years his senior who taught him everything he knows about sex. He’s experienced what it’s like to date the hottest girl in the room and broken hearts a couple of times as well.

This guy has experienced what it’s like to be totally non-committal. And quite frankly, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. But these experiences have made him wiser and more interesting. The reformed playboy got it out of his system while he had the chance — fantasies, adventures, bodily fluids, and all.

He’s with you by choice, not by circumstance.

i choose you drake and rihanna

If a guy’s with you but has never experienced anything different, who’s to say he’s not just with you because of ignorance? You want to be with a man who knows what else is out there and is choosing to be with you. A guy who has dabbled with different types has figured out what he likes and what he doesn’t like. He’s spent time alone. He’s been forced to be introspective and actually learn what is going to satisfy him and make him happy in a relationship. He didn’t just meet you in college, coast along for a number of years, playing the part, and then throw a ring on your finger just because you reached an appropriate age and everyone else was doing it. That’s just circumstance that grows into comfort and complacency.

A man who has experienced complete contentment without you is a man that is with you for the right reasons.

He’s with you because he wants you, not because he needs you. This is a man who’s going to show up every day. He’s going to appreciate you for every ounce of value you add to his life, because why else would he choose you? That’s what you call ‘conscious coupling’.

He’s sampled a lot of goodies and is choosing yours.

pat the puss congrats

This guy is making a choice to be monogamous with you after experiencing years of romping around. That’s a testament to you, the power of your connection, the strength of your relationship, and of course, the potency of your vagina.

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If you settle with a guy with a wild playboy past, he’s going to be with you because you and him are the real deal. Just like what happened with George, he met his match. He met a woman he couldn’t deny. And there’s no greater testament to a man’s love, affection, and appreciation for you than that.

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Jamie Rea is a Canadian entrepreneur, relationship writer, and comedy writer who loves to combine humor with advice on various topics in dating and relationships. He is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, so it’s not surprising his dream girl has a big sense of humor and an even bigger heart. He currently writes about relationships for multiple publications across Canada and the US, including Made Man, Elite Daily, and Mode Media.


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