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Why You Should Hang Out When He’s Drunk Before Commiting

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Why You Should Hang Out When He’s Drunk Before Commiting

Alcohol changes people. Or, as some say, it shows you their true colors.

“When he drinks he’s like an angry gallo!”

I said this to my friend Chloe after witnessing the temper of a man I once dated. After many shots of Patron and one too many bumps from bar patrons, he went ballistic. “You need to watch where you’re going, man!” He yelled at a stranger. The guy turned around and stepped to El Gallo. In that moment I thought: my life can end right now. My death certificate would read “death by trampling.” If I were to die in a bar, I assumed it would be from alcohol poisoning!

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After that night I reconsidered my relationship. I hadn’t seen this side of El Gallo. That’s because I had never spend time with him while drunk. We’d go to bars, sure, but he could handle his alcohol. And I mean a lot of it. I didn’t realize he was an angry drunk.

This is why it’s crucial to see the man you’re dating in a social setting before committing. Particularly, a setting where libations are flowing. Alcohol changes people. Or, as some say, it shows their true colors. How are you to know who this guy really is if you haven’t observed him in his social habitat? You wouldn’t bring a dog home before checking him out at the puppy store or ASPCA. Before choosing Man’s (in this case woman’s) Best Friend you meet him where he is and note red flags (he bites!). You need to know if he’s an angry drunk, sad drunk, nauseous drunk, sexy drunk, horny drunk – you catch my drift! Take this into account and then decide if this is the man you want to commit to.

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What if he doesn’t drink? you ask. Observe him where he hangs. Whether that be the gym, the museum or at a restaurant, you need to spend time with him at public gatherings and venues. That way you’ll learn if he’s:

  • a Grumpy Gus
  • an introvert
  • an extrovert
  • an attention seeker
  • a wall hog
  • a snob
  • rude to service staff
  • anti-social
  • or worse, boring!

Si no you’ll end up like I did – scared for my life as El Gallo puffed his chest and got ready to rumble. I didn’t die (obvi!) but I did kill that relationship.

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