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Snap Out of It! How to Beat the Single Girl Blues

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Snap Out of It! How to Beat the Single Girl Blues

I decided to embrace singlehood head on – and actually enjoy it. Here’s how.

As a 32-year-old woman going on five years of being single, I’ve had enough engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, and holiday couple events to make me sick. Not to mention Valentine’s Day where I make a dramatic point by dressing in black to prove I’m not giving into a made up holiday dedicated to love. This past Valentine’s Day, however, I made a change. I didn’t want to sit at home eating stale Valentine’s chocolates and watching Lifetime movies. Instead, I decided to focus on the positive side of being single and embrace singlehood head on – and actually enjoy it.

But, how do I do that? How do I literally change my mindset about singlehood? How do you snap out of it and beat those dreaded singles girl blues? Here’s some advice from single women of all ages:

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Live in your passion.

Find Your Passion

What do you love doing most? What are you passionate about? Do you have a love for baking? Do you have a passion for makeup or finding the hottest new fashion trends? Whatever it may be find your passion and explore it. Your passion can be your new focus, that way you’re not obsessing over the new engagement photos your friend just posted on Facebook. In fact, post some photos of you living in your passion.

Work on being a healthier you.

Work Out Get Healthy

Make it your mission to have the healthiest year ever. Join the gym, sign up for Zumba or Spin classes, or become a Yoga expert. Use the time that you’d normally watch the Real Housewives or Love and Hip-Hop to work on becoming a physically stronger and leaner you. By the time swimsuit season arrives, you’ll be more than ready to show off your fabulous new bod! Besides, you can always do what I do – catch TV shows on Demand.

Date yourself.

Date the Hell Out of Me

Go ahead and take yourself out on a date! That’s right: go to the movies, take yourself out to dinner, and travel by yourself. There’s no better way to get comfortable with your singlehood and to love yourself than by doing things you love  – alone. Who knows? You may find a special single guy doing the very same thing.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Online Dating Dance

Take chances on love and go ahead and sign up for those online dating sites. Find Meetups in your area for other singles and go to speed dating events. Join the singles ministry at church. If you don’t find the love of your life, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell about all the interesting experiences you have had.

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Self-assess and evaluate.

Ask WhyThis here is the biggie! Stepping outside of yourself and understanding why you are single can end your single-gal cycle. Discover what you have to offer a significant other and work on your problem areas. Pinpoint what you want in a mate and what you’re not willing to compromise on. Make sure that what you want fulfills your needs and is realistic. For instance, if you’re career minded, you may want a mate who is career minded too – no compromises. You may be 5 foot 8 and your best mate may only be 5 foot 6. Yes, you will tower over him in heels but, if he has a great heart and attitude, you should be open minded.

At the end of the day you should enjoy life to the fullest and all it has to offer. What good is life when you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t have rather than focusing on the many possibilities available? Not good at all, single gals. So, beat the blues and get happy.

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Jeanine Cruz

Jeanine is a self-proclaimed dating mishap expert. This Pisces often dips her creative toes in arts and culture, and has a passion for spoken word, playwriting, creative writing, and lyrical writing. As a native New Yorker living in Orlando, FL, Jeanine has a unique perspective on city and beach life. Her extensive Sociology and Higher Education background allows her to see dating, love, and women’s empowerment issues from various viewpoints as she adds a twist of humor and lessons learned to her stories.


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