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Ask Sujeiry: How Do I Know If He Still Loves Me?

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Ask Sujeiry: How Do I Know If He Still Loves Me?

Dear Sujeiry,

I’m worried that the spark is gone between me and my boyfriend. He says he loves me but how do I know he means it?! It’s driving me crazy. What can I do to keep the spark and make him show me how much he loves me?


Unsure of His Love

Dear Unsure of His Love,

I’ve recently learned that people show us how much they love us in their own way. Some show they care with physical touching and affection. Others may show they love us by doing special things for us. There are also those who express love verbally and the handful that do so in more than one way .

Gary Chapman explains it best in his book, The 5 Love Languages. You can read the breakdown of each love language here.

As for your relationship, I’m not sure what is happening exactly. You weren’t very specific with how the spark has been lost or how his attitude has shifted, or if it’s shifted at all. Perhaps he is showning you he loves you in his way. Maybe he means it when he says he loves you. Maybe you need him to show you in a different way rather than with words. Or maybe this is in your head; you are struggling with insecurities and unbeknownst to him you need constant reassurance. If the latter is the case, that’s something you need to deal with on your own. Others can only fill your void for so long. You must love yourself and know you are a wonderful person all on your own.

Whatever the case may be you need to talk to your boyfriend about how you feel. He may not know you are feeling unsure of his love. The only way to potentially receive the treatment we deserve and need is to speak up and ask for it. 

So, have a conversation with yourself and figure out your needs. Once you know how you want to be loved then you can share this information with your boyfriend. Hopefully, the rest will follow.

Love strongly and wisely,


DISCLAIMER: The advice offered by Sujeiry Gonzalez are solely the opinion of Sujeiry Gonzalez and should not be considered as a form of therapy, advice, direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind. If counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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