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Out Damn Spot! Eliminate Bad Dating Habits This New Year

Eliminate Bad Dating Habits This New Year
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Out Damn Spot! Eliminate Bad Dating Habits This New Year

Bad habits can ruin your dating life in the new year. Check out this dating advice. Take stock on what you do wrong so you can date right.

Since hitting my thirties, I’ve put on my Big Girl Panties and have acknowledged bad dating habits. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with chugging alcohol like a frat boy on a first date. I also entertained a date for way too long when miserable. These habits sucked the fun out of dating. Yes, dating is supposed to be fun! I didn’t always think this way. For me, being single and dating was much like our annual pap smears – necessary but unpleasant.

But this is a new year. I have to keep positive and keep at it. I do want to be married one day. I want to be in love again, and experience reciprocal love at that. So, I have to leave my apartment. I must go out into the city and mingle, cause, baby, I am single.

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Let’s start the new year with a personal bang. Bring out the Pine Sol and Clorox Wipes. It’s time to eliminate bad dating habits!

Note Bad Dating Habits
Before you can eliminate bad dating habits you have to know what your bad dating habits are. I listed my habits above. I tend to entertain a bad date instead of nipping it in the bud. It’s not about being mean. It’s about being honest. If a date feels like a trip to the gynecologist, I need to keep it short. List your bad habits so you can keep them in mind when dating.

Fix Your Dating Mindset
When I am single, I think of dating as a drag. That’s not going to help matters, is it? I have to fix my mindset or I will never have fun on a date. As I often say, fix your mindset, change your life!

They Don’t All Have to Be Your Husband
The last two dates I went on last year weren’t bad. I didn’t go out with the men again. I wasn’t interested in another date. But the actual dates were fun. Thing is I don’t consider every man I date husband material. Some dates are just fun. You get to meet someone new and enjoy a night out.

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Bye Bye Expectations
When women are ready to settle down, we are on the hunt. Men are our prey. Marriage is our goal. So we create expectations. If you date with a set expectation in mind, you may be disappointed. Even if you are ready to settle down, you need to let a relationship flow. At least until you get to know the man you hope will propose. Make sure you are dating him because you want him not just the ring.

Now, go on and date in this new year! Have fun. Ease up on the self-doubt and pressure. Love will happen when it happens. We cannot control when it all aligns. But we can remain positive and enjoy our life one date at a time.

What bad dating habits do you need to eliminate? Share your thoughts!

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