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6 Quick Sex Tips to Orgasm More and More Intensely

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6 Quick Sex Tips to Orgasm More and More Intensely

If you want to feel the Big O much more frequently or more intensely, check out these sex tips.

Having an orgasm feels oh so good. If you don’t believe me, it may be because you’ve never had one.  If you’ve never had one, I hope you are a virgin! It’s a shame to get it on without experiencing the Big O. The travesty of it all!

No, really – it sucks! And not in the good way.

The thing is not all women orgasm during sex. This may not come as a surprise to you, but a recent national sex survey revealed that only 64 percent of women had an orgasm the last time they had sex. 85 percent of men said they ejaculated during their last sexual episode. I’m shocked that number isn’t 100 percent, guys!

Whatever! We’re here to get you to orgasm more and more. Let’s catch up to the fellas! Here are some sex tips to do just that:

Focus on the feeling. 

When you’re having sex and feeling good, close your eyes and focus on that feeling. Don’t think about your day, your kids, work – nothing but the intensity in between your legs!

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Ease up on the pressure.

Sometimes men feel bad if you don’t have an orgasm, and their feeling bad makes you feel bad. In turn, you’re stressed out every time you have sex! Stress = no orgasm. It’s a vicious cycle! So tell him to ease up on the pressure and to just enjoy the moment. The orgasm will come!

Switch positions. 

You may not orgasm missionary or doggy style. So, switch positions. When you discover what position works for you, keep doing it!

Clitoral stimulation.

Many women can orgasm via clitoral stimulation. If you are one of those women, get in a position where your man (or you) can stimulate your clitoris as he penetrates. This should rock your world, and lead you to explode. Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Hold it. 

When you are about to orgasm, hold it in with all your might. It’s easy to release quickly, but an orgasm is so much more intense if you just wait. Do like Sting and Trudy: breath, count to 10, focus on the feeling – whatever it takes to hold that orgasm. When you do release, you’ll shake like a leaf in the wind. Hmmmm.

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Take note of past sexual experiences.

Don’t compare your man to your ex, but you should recall what you liked and didn’t like from all your sexual experiences. Maybe you need to be fondled before full-on intercourse. Maybe a little spanking turns you on. Perhaps you need to get your nipples sucked, or you like it when a guy goes in slow and then bangs you out. Regardless, you must know what you enjoy – and speak on it! – or you can forget that Big O.


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