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Get Shorty: What It’s Really Like Dating A Short Man

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Get Shorty: What It’s Really Like Dating A Short Man

I always said, “You’ll never EVER catch me with a guy shorter than 5 foot 11.”

When I first met Rick he had the confidence and swagger of a 6 foot man – only he was 5 foot 2. Still, he was sweet, funny and treated me with respect. Because of his height I didn’t think much of it. I always said, “You will never EVER catch me with a guy shorter than 5 foot 11.” A tall man wasn’t just a necessity, it was a prerequisite; and I had my own thoughts and judgements regarding dating a shorter man.

But I really started to like Rick. He made me laugh, we had good conversation and he treated me like a lady. Within weeks, his charms, good looks and our laughter led to a relationship. But, could I really see myself in a long-term commitment with a man who only reached my shoulders when we stood side by side? What would it be like to date someone who is not just short by social standards, but shorter than me? (And I’m only 5 foot 5!) Did all the myths about short men mean my relationship was doomed for failure?

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Despite all my questions, I jumped in, and I learned some truths and myths about what it’s really like to date a short man.

Myth #1: Short men are not as attractive or as confident as tall men.

well dressed guy

Not only did Rich not care that he was short, he owned it. Whether he was 5 foot 2  or 7 feet tall, Rick was always impeccably dressed. While he could easily be mistaken for a teenage boy, he carried himself like a man. His deep dimples, olive skin and charisma made him the most attractive man in the room. He not only received attention from other women, but there were also times where he drew more attention than taller men. And, despite Rick almost always being the shortest man in the room, he always carried himself as if he were the tallest.

Myth #2: You can’t wear heels.

Wolf on Wall Street Heels

Not only did Rick encourage me to wear my highest heels, he loved that I was taller than him and didn’t mind that I towered over him. Sure, we got plenty of stares and the social commentary from men and strangers alike made us a constant conversational piece. Nevertheless, it didn’t bother Rick or I – and it never stopped us from having a good time together.

Myth #3: Shorter men are not as well endowed as taller men.

small guy pickle

After my fair share of experience with dating both tall and short men, I can safely dispel this myth. A man’s height does not determine the size of his, umm…package.

Myth #4: Sex with short men is not as enjoyable as sex with taller men.

Size of the boat

As the old saying goes, “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.” I can confidently say that sex with Rick was not only enjoyable, but he blew taller men I had been with out of the water. Despite the rumors that shorter men have a physical handicap in terms of trying different sexual positions, Rick always made sure that I was happy – especially in the bedroom.

Myth #5: Shorter men can’t protect you.

short guy protection

Rick and I were never in a situation where I was put in harms way. But I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to defend me or stand up for me if need be. And while Rick was short I never once felt like I would be up shit’s creek if I needed his protection because he always made me feel safe.

Myth #6: Shorter men have less to offer than taller men.

tall girl and short guy

Rick wasn’t cocky or full of himself. He was humble, genuine and despite him being shorter than me, he always gave 110 percent in our relationship. He made sure I wanted for nothing and that I was happy no matter how big or tall the order.

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Despite thinking I’d never be caught dead dating a shorter man, I found myself not only fully committed but head-over-heels in love with a shorty. And despite our bittersweet breakup months later, my relationship with Rick will forever be one of the best relationships I ever had. You can’t put a price – or height – on that.

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Tiffani is a true city gal, hailing from the concrete jungle of New York City. With a large coffee in tow (that’s pronounced caw-fee to my non-New Yorkers) this closeted “self-help” addict and Lifestyles writer is on a continuous quest to discover how to have the best romantic life. An old soul with new age sarcasm, Tiffani’s sharp, witty and tell-it-like-it-is attitude has resulted in many a snafu as she tries to navigate and conquer the most challenging and complicated assignment of all: dating the New York City man. Come a long for the ride as this seasoned serial dater tries to find balance between her journey to self-love and her old school values on dating and relationships. She writes about her lessons and adventures in dating as a twenty-something millennial and all the new rules that apply.


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