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5 Ways to Get that Second Date

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5 Ways to Get that Second Date

If I so happen to stuff my face when out with a dude, I reapply my lipstick.

Mami often advised, “Look your best on a first date!” Also, if I so happen to stuff my face when out with a dude, “immediately head to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick!” I always followed her words of wisdom because a) I wanted to emulate my mother’s femininity and b) I was scared of going against her rules even in adulthood. Besides, what woman doesn’t want to put her best foot (“Always a heel!” Mami would say) forward to impress a date?

How do you stand out when on a first date to guarantee a second? By leaving a lasting impression. Some dating advice on just how to do it!

Wear the right perfume.

That means wearing a fragrance that does not overpower you or your date. As a matter of fact, a second-date deal breaker for men is an unpleasant scent. Keep it light but do wear perfume as 60 percent of men in a Caress survey admitted to finding their significant other irresistible because of their scent. If you are not a perfume gal (perhaps you’re allergic like I am, or don’t want to fuss) use a scented body wash instead. Here’s a great body wash from Bath and Body.

Touch him lightly.

Who doesn’t love to be caressed? When on a first date find a way to touch him in a natural way. You don’t want to jump his bones though. Cause, #desperatemuch. Instead, brush up against him, touch his shoulder or put your hand on his knee for a quick second. This shows that you’re interested in a feminine and flirtatious way.

Play up your sensual side.

Whatever body part makes you feel sensual, play it up with accessories and your outfit. Take the neck, for example; it is a sensual spot for most women. You can wear a deep-plunging neckline or a necklace that sits right at the base of your neck. While chatting him up (but not too much!) touch your neck from time to time. You can also play with your hair a little; men seem to love that.

Communicate with nonverbal cues.

We all talk without actually talking and nonverbal communication speaks volumes. When on a first date show you’re interested with your body as well as your mouth. You can lean in while chatting up a man and nod when he speaks to you. Also, point your feet toward him. Please do not cross your arms or give him your back! One more piece of advice: watch how you talk with your hands. Like many Latinas, I use my hands to express myself. Sometimes that can come across as abrasive to men. Instead of smacking him in the face when telling a hilarious story, touch your neck, play with your necklace or place your hand on his knee for a few seconds.

Share mutual interests.

Sharing mutual interests sparks conversation and eases first-date jitters. The Caress survey even discovered that men and women seek out potential partners with similar interests when dating online. Ask him what he likes to do for fun, listen attentively while nodding, and share what you love to do with passion and gusto. Throw on a great scent and smile, and touch him lightly. He’ll invite you on a second date before the first one ends.

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