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A Man Asks: Is Courtship When Dating Really Dead?

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A Man Asks: Is Courtship When Dating Really Dead?

Is chivalry dead because of men or women? A few men give up their two cents.

Has the courtship of our grandparents days become completely extinct? Why do men feel like they have the right to shoot for third base before knowing a woman’s last name?These are some of the questions that I’ve been asking myself regarding courtship when dating. Yes, I am a man, and I also think that the concept of courtship has changed over the years. If you go to a restaurant or bar and observe men and women on dates, you’ll notice that their is a different dynamic at play.

We can blame men as some believe that buying a woman a drink or dinner, or taking her to the movies, entitles them to more than a conversation. However, some women take advantage of this and –  inebriated or not – wind up going home with “Rico Suave.”

We also need to look at how women have become independent. More and more you hear about women who are “in charge of their sexuality, “sexually independent” or “sexually fluid.” Honestly, men believe that some of your sisters are ruining it for those who know how to keep their panties on.

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It’s a two-way street. Some men need to slow down and take their time while some women need to start respecting and valuing their sexuality a bit more.

So, what do men really think about courtship and courting women in general? I asked some players and some husbands. Read it and weep (or cheer), ladies.

Mike says: “I’m not courting anything. I don’t have a law degree.”

Anthony says: “My grandfather was a bigger playa than I’ll ever be… shit has changed!”

Warren says: “I do feel that courtship has suffered a great deal over the years. Some men get to third base without knowing first or last names because they feel entitled, i.e. dinner, drinks, etc…..”

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I say: there are men who will  buy you that 5 dollar rose from the hobo and be interested in conversation and getting to know you. He will pick you up, get you a cab or take the train with you to make sure you make it home safe. These men exist!

If you feel like you keep dating the loser type, you need to re-evaluate how you pick and choose your suitors. You date thugs? Date a nerd. You choose men who are too soft? Date a more assertive male. What’s important is that you exercise common sense. Choose wisely. Don’t settle for Mr. Right Now and get your hands on Mr. Right.

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Rich is a proud married guy and father of two. He enjoys helping women understand the mind of a man.


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