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Ouch! 7 Sex Moves Men Should Never Try Again

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Ouch! 7 Sex Moves Men Should Never Try Again

From banging like a jackhammer to extreme biting here are 7 sex moves men should never try again.

Sex. We all want to have it and we all want to be great at it. Women want men they’ve bedded to brag about their sexual prowess, and for other men to desire them even if they can’t have them. Men are especially pressured to be the best en la cama. From measuring their penises to discovering that elusive female G-spot, los hombres want to be macho macho men and make us scream for more, more, more!

You can imagine that this need to be número uno can complicate sex. Their ego is as big as their imaginary penises. They try positions that they read in Playboy or worse – a move they created and named after themselves – si, it happens.

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Well, stop it, men! Here are 7 sex moves all women wish men would stop doing.

Banging Like a Porn Star
Men watch porn. Many times this is their introduction to sex. So they believe that women want to be banged like a jackhammer. The whole time. That’s not the case. Yes, some women like it rough, but ease in your larger than life (in your head) penises into our cucas. It’s the polite thing to do! Read the rest of the sex moves that women want men to stop doing on! 

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