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6 Signs Your BFF Is Negatively Affecting Your Relationship

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6 Signs Your BFF Is Negatively Affecting Your Relationship

You have a friend and she’s always trash talking your man. That’s no good! Here are six signs that your BFF is negatively affecting your relationship.

For good or bad, our friends can convince us that something is wrong in our relationship. You may not notice the issues, but your friends definitely do.

When we have doubts we typically ask our friends for advice. It’s a different scenario, however, when you’re completely content in a relationship and they persist that you shouldn’t be with your man. This is crossing the line. Here are six signs that your BFF is negatively affecting your relationship.

She keeps telling you to dump him.

This is a red flag that your friend is not on your side, or your relationships. Unless there is something really wrong with your union, your friend shouldn’t be pushing you to leave your boo. Besides, it’s your life and your decision to make.

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They trash talk your man.

No one likes to hear that they have bad taste. So it’s only natural to get offended when your girl trash talks your man. Friends tend to judge the guys we date, but if they only see his bad qualities you might have a problem. Your friend may be trying to sabotage your love and happiness. Or she’s not happy herself.

She always wants to tag along. 

Going out with your friend and boyfriend sounds like the perfect day – when it’s not every day. If she always volunteers to be the third wheel, watch out. Especially if your friend is single. She may have other intentions, like she likes your man. Or she may be jealous of your relationship with him.

They always give you advice based on their negative romantic experiences.

Women want to help other women so they don’t make the same mistakes. It is also common for friends to want to protect their friends because of their own bad experiences. However, unsolicited advice isn’t always needed or helpful. If your friend is always telling you what to do because this happened to her or that reminds her of so and so, you need to tell her to stop.

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She’s happy when you fight.

Whenever you talk to her after arguing with your man, she seems…happy. No good! She may be happy because she hates your man, or she is single and wants you to be single as well.

She wants to know every detail. And you tell her.

Turning to our friends for advice is no sin. Most women tell their friends every little detail of their relationship. However, your man may feel as though there’s another person in the relationship. If your friend is always asking for the 411, that’s fine, as long as you’re comfortable and also sharing with your man. Also, if you’re having an issue in your relationship, communicate with your partner, not your BFF. After all, she’s not your boo.

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