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5 Signs that He’s Keeping Your Relationship a Secret


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5 Signs that He’s Keeping Your Relationship a Secret

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie wonders if Big is keeping her a secret? You may wonder the same. Here are five signs that your love is keeping you on the low.

I’ve never really been a fan of keeping secrets. I’m a very open person, and if there is something in my heart that I need to share with the world I always do. However, being in college exposed me to the world of secret lovers, where for whatever reason some men hide the fact that they have a girlfriend.

No one deserves to be kept a secret, especially if they are deeply invested in a person. Here are the top five signs that prove your significant other may be hiding you from the world.

Refusing to give the relationship a title.
It’s pretty high school to expect your man to slip you a note that reads, “Will you be my girlfriend? Circle yes, no, or maybe.” However, there should be minimal amount of gray areas when it comes to the direction of your relationship. When a man doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend, you should never accept bogus excuses that fall along the lines of “he’s just not ready for a relationship at the moment.” Nine times out of ten, he’s probably just not ready for a relationship with you. When a man is involved with a woman that he sees a concrete future with, he’s locks her down and makes sure no other man can have her. If he hasn’t marked you as his territory by claiming you as his woman, he’s wasting your time.

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He only takes you to certain places.
If you’re wondering why your man only takes you to the same two mediocre restaurants and never sprinkles any variety into the mix, there’s a reason. If he’s trying to keep your relationship a secret, the less people who see you out with him the better. Also, if he resorts to staying in to chill more often than he takes you out, something may be up.

His phone is always on silent.
Cell phones have become one of the most sacred items people carry. From text messages to emails alerts, there are multiple sounds a person’s phone should normally make throughout the day to notify them. Phones were meant to ring, so if your boos phone is always on silent, you should start giving him the side-eye.

“I can’t hang out today because my money isn’t looking right,” or “I’m suddenly not feeling well,” are excuses that probably equate to him kicking his feet up and playing video games all day. If a man wants to make time for you, he will. If your guy is never available during the times that you want to hang out, he may not hold you on as high of a pedestal as you wish.

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No pictures on social media.
You ever met those guys who you didn’t know had a girlfriend until they randomly throw a picture up on Facebook or Instagram? Well, I’ve met a lot of those. Social media is very minuscule in the grand scheme of life. However, whatever lifestyle a person portrays online is how the world perceives them, especially if their “friends” don’t know them personally. If your guy never mentions you on twitter, tags you on Facebook, or posts a picture of you on Instagram, you have every right to be suspicious.

So make sure you have a man like Drake who sings, “I need someone to go through the front door with cus’ we don’t wanna hide no more.” That, my dear, is exactly what you need. Someone who’s not afraid to flaunt you. If your current situation reflects any of the signs from above, you may want to reevaluate your relationship. There’s no need to continue a secret relationship when there are plenty of men who are ready and willing to show you to the world.

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