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3 Folica Hair Products For Date Ready Locks

Sujeiry Gets Curls Like Kim Kardashian

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3 Folica Hair Products For Date Ready Locks

Sujeiry Gets Curls Like Kim KardashianI’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – my hair is my thing. It may be because I’m Dominican (Dominicans are known for their love and knowledge of hair) or maybe it’s because my long locks often receive compliments. Regardless, I cherish my hair. I nurture my hair. I invest time and money on my hair by doing rolos, going to the beauty salon, and purchasing hair products.

Yes, my hair is like a spoiled baby!

Fortunately, there are brands who agree with me. Folica knows how important hair is to women as it is our most important accessory. With over 60,000 great hair styling products, more than 300 beloved brands and over 70,000 customer ratings and reviews, is your one-stop shop to recreate today’s hottest hairstyles.

So, which hair care products do I recommend? For date-ready hair, invest in these 3 Folica finds:

Remington TStudio Large Ceramic Pearl Curling Wand: I am a woman who loves variety. Hair up, hair down, hair curly, hair straight: it really does add spice to my look and my relationship. This is why the Remington TStudio Large Ceramic Pearl Curling Wand is such a great hair care tool. It creates quick loose and big curls with its 1″ to 1 1/2″ curling wand in no time. Just wrap your hair around the barrel and you’ll have beautiful Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson-like locks. This is a perfect date look for a night on the town. Dancing, anyone?

got2b Fat-Tastic Dry Shampoo: Sometimes I don’t have the time to go to the Dominican salon. They don’t work with appointments, and often times I spend an entire day at the beauty parlor due to their dedicated clientele. This is when I grab the got2b Fat-Tastic Dry Shampoo. It’s perfect when you have a hot date but don’t have the time to redo your hair. Dry shampoo does the trick. You won’t look like someone licked your roots and will be on time to meet your guy.

Smooth ‘N Shine Polishing Instant Repair Extra Strength Hair Polisher-Professional Size: Latinas, you know how important this product is! It fights the frizz and gives our hair a great shine and smell. This is what they add to hair after a good blow dry in Dominican salons. It contains aloe, which is great for hair growth, as well as protein, helping to smooth and condition. I never leave home without adding a dab of Smooth ‘N Shine to my ends, especially when anticipating a fun, perspiration-inducing night.

You can find all these amazing products at Also, with their love of hair and great inventory, it comes as no surprise that Folica wants to help all women get great hair. Folica’s “Everyone Wins Great Hair” promotion, running from November 23rd to January 1st, gives you a chance to win up to a $50 credit to spend on hair styling products at But it gets better. 1 in every 100 will win up to a $50 credit.

Thank me later when you purchase amazing hair products that you’ve been wanting to scratch off your wish list. Enter the Folica giveaway now!

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