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Welcome to the Cocreators Writing Community! Whether you are publishing a book, launching a blog, or dipping your toe in the First Time Writer's Pool, this is your digital space to connect, commune, create, cultivate, craft, and cheerlead each other on as Latina writers. 

a digital writing community supporting and guiding Latina Writers

we will write together, learn together, and succeed as Writers together. 

for us, by us.

from aspiring creative to latina magazine columist and siriusxm host

As an adolescent, I wrote stories and sang on stages. Because I've always been Creative. No matter how hard I tried to suppress my desire to tell stories and perform for a living, I just couldn't shake it. I knew I had to make this Creative Entrepreneurship work despite not having role models or mentors to guide me. And I did. I cultivated a plan, a brand, and a killer content and SEO strategy. I pitched myself like "la ultima botella de Coca Cola en el desierto." I slayed and networked and connected and kicked down doors, creating my own opportunities for success as a Freelance Writer, Influencer, Content Creator, On-Air Talent, and SirusXM Host.

So, how did I do it? I had a vision for my life and an unwavering faith that I would succeed as a Creative. This is what we will cultivate in the Cocreators Lab. We'll create together. We'll brainstorm together. We'll hold each other accountable. And I will be there every step of the way, motivating you when you feel stuck, giving you ideas when you don't know what direction to take, and connecting you with other Creatives. I will guide you, motivate you, push you, and champion you along the way. 

allow me to introduce myself

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