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online dating scammer photos

Beware of These 5 Online Dating Scammer Photos

Online dating photos are usually deceiving. Photos are so fabulously displayed that we engage in conversation assuming the person looks like their photos. People only share what will sell. And you only realize they used online dating scammer photos when you meet them front and center. 

Enough with this bamboozlement! To help you when online dating, here are 5 online dating scammer photos to watch out for.

5 Online Dating Scammer Photos

Photo 1: Far, Far, and Away 

If every photo is from a faraway distance, they are probably hiding something. Whether it’s their real height or their actual face, it’s a clear indication that they don’t want you to see what they really look like up close and personal. Ask for a real-life selfie (with a newspaper to ensure it’s not a catfish!) to ensure they are who they say they are. 

Photo 2: The Three-Quarter Shot

We all know our good sides when taking a photo, however, some “good sides” are just a front for undesirable physical features. If every photo is at an angle, take note. If they do not post any front-facing photos, there is a high probability their other side isn’t so hot. Like, maybe they have a huge honker or are hiding their body. 

Photo 3: Sunglasses At Night

Other online dating scammer photos include the person that wears sunglasses in all their photos. You know, even at night. This is the guy who thinks he’s Diddy. In reality, he’s probably a douche hiding his beady little eyes and other facial features. 

Photo 4: All About Their Friends

An online dating profile should be about you – not your friends. So beware of profiles where the photos are mostly shots of a group. They might use group photos to hide amongst the crowd, which can indicate insecurity. Besides, how will you know who you are chatting with if all their photos include a dozen friends? 

Photo 5: Hat Head

Last but not least, it’s the one that covers their head. From photo to photo, they have on a cap, fedora, or scarf. This happened to me in 2014 when using the dating app, How About We. Unbeknownst to me, I agreed to date a 35-year-old bald guy. I realized this when he confronted me with his shiny bald head on our first date at a bar. I should have known better, but even dating bloggers and love gurus get tricked. Now, go on and date with the online dating scammer photos tips in mind. 



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