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The Mistake I Made When Selling Services

There it was: an opportunity for a video editing project that I manifested just a year prior. At that moment, when a fellow Latinx creative wanted to hire me to do something that I love, I felt terrified. Allowing fear to dominate my thought process was my first mistake when selling services. What’s even more warped is that I had recently gushed about my new “venture” to a videographer during a night out at Harlem Social. I felt it was kismet to have met him; as a producer and video editor, he was living my dream. I took the chance and pitched myself because I wanted to sell those very services.

“I have a business where I help women tell stories through video. I produce!” I exclaimed, full of ambition and vision. He gave me his card, followed me on Instagram, and told me to call him for help. 

A few days later I focused on pitching my video editing product to a few women at a Latinx empowerment event in NYC. I’m passionate and persuasive, they were convinced and wanted to work with me as their Latinx videographer. And that’s where I made second mistake when selling services. My “business” began to flourish before seeds had been planted. My “business” wasn’t an LLC. My “business” didn’t have a list of services and  pricing. I had a vision without a plan and without details. This was a pattern for me and I ignored it. Not recognizing that I often jumped before the horse, have the baby before the marriage, and buy workout clothes before a gym membership was my second mistake when selling services.


Can you relate to the error of my ways? Do you sell services or promote your business without a plan? If so, it won’t result in the success you crave. Without preparation, you’ll feel afraid to sell services or you’ll feel paralyzed and come down with a serious case of Imposter Syndrome.

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As for me, I know I have a gift. Because of this gift, God presents me with opportunities to sell services where I can utilize my God-given skills. However, we all have to take the time to learn, grow, and strategize before we act – myself included. 

This is why I took a break from creating content and pushing projects. This is why until now I have been radio silent regarding the products I am launching. I had to break the cycle. I had to do better. I had to build my confidence in the skills that I have yet to master but will utilize when selling services to clients. I had to prepare and strategize before prompting.

I realized all of this after that fellow Latinx creative contacted me to hire me for her project.

Funny enough when I finally came clean to her about my feelings, she said she wanted to work with me because she had seen my YouTube channel and loved how I edited my videos. She also said she completely understood and would reach out for future projects. Despite the loss of income, I felt proud of myself for being honest and breaking a negative pattern that would continue to sabotage my professional success

I share all of this because perhaps you are in the same place. Perhaps you have an idea or three and feel you cannot get it off the ground for whatever reason. Perhaps you have manifested amazing opportunities and you don’t feel worthy of them. I’m here to tell you that you can build your business if you are prepared when the opportunity strikes. Work on building your skills, finalize your strategy, services and prices, and get accountable. 




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