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Manifesting Love After Heartbreak

I jumped into the dating pool immediately after breaking up with my ex-fiance. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea. I had yet to heal, which is essential when manifesting love after heartbreak. Especially because, as much as I tried to pretend, I was devastated when our relationship ended. 

Although I pulled the actual trigger (he emotionally checked out of our relationship a year before THE END), it still hurt like a mother. My emotions ran the gamut. One day I felt confident in my skin, ready to take on the world. The next day I felt terrified at the thought of dating again and wanted to bury my feelings inside of a Moscow Mule. (I’m too old for Tequila shots and Bacardi and Cokes.) It’s taken me years to feel like I’m ready to share my life and potentially my heart again with a new man. This love thang ain’t for the faint of heart! Next time I want to feel fully equipped in heart, mind, and soul to handle the highs and lows of relationships and partnership.

Manifesting Love After Heartbreak: A Guide to Attract Healthy Connections

Today, I feel like a brand new woman. Because I’ve fully embraced who I am, I’m dating happily. And I’ve learned many lessons on manifesting love after heartbreak. 

Feel your feelings, but don’t get desperate! 

When we’re heartbroken it’s easy to wallow and remain stuck in the muck. That’s why I suggest you feel every damn emotion. Just don’t drown in them. 

Let it all out! Curl yourself up in a ball after back sliding down the wall. Cry under a running shower like a telenovela star. Hit a pillow and scream to release your pain.. And then let it go. 

I also suggest giving yourself a deadline to stop whimpering, shouting, and crying. Act like your own boss. Tell yourself: girl, I’m going to give you a week to finish this Crying Game before you get back to work. And by work, that’s learning how to love yourself. Choose whatever timeframe feels right for you. Just make sure you’ve gotten it together somehow when that day arrives. Of course, you can still feel upset. You’re going to break down again and that’s okay. Just don’t let your heartbreak consume you. 

Work on healing before manifesting love.

Practice gratitude every day by finding one thing that you’re grateful for. You can journal or create voice notes of gratitude, like I do. The point is to remember the goodness in your life. When we relish in how great we have it, we heal from heartbreak that much faster. And that’s when we are at the precipice of manifesting love. 

Find the silver living. 

I want you to try something you might not like. For every awful thing that you felt when you were with your ex, flip it on it’s head. Let’s say he cheated on you. (Been there, so I get how this might be hard to get over.) 

I want you to say aloud: Maybe he cheated on me to release me so that I can be with the partner that I deserve.

This will feel easier once you’ve healed a bit more. Just put down the key chain (don’t key his car, girl!) and find the silver lining. It will bring you one step closer to manifesting love. 

Stop rehashing your relationships. 

You see a Facebook selfie of your ex and his new main squeeze. You call up your BFF and commence the shit talking. I have one thing to say: stop! For the love of God, do not regurgitate your relationship drama and break up every day. It’s okay to vent once in a while, especially when your pain is raw. I even think it can be healing. But your ex shouldn’t be the topic of every conversation. 

What do you do when people ask what happened again and again? Put the kibosh on it by telling your friends that conversations about your ex keep you stuck in the past. Tell your friends and family that you are choosing not to dwell in the breakup or what he’s doing now (and who with). You want to move forward. They should help you by lifting you up, not helping you rehash and wallow. Especially because to manifest love after heartbreak, you have to live in the present. 

Take daily steps toward manifesting love. 

Move toward dating with ease when you are ready. Work on rebuilding faith and hope that you will manifest healthy love. You have to believe it! You also have to discover what kind of relationship and partnership you need. Because what we want isn’t always what’s good for us! 

Learn how to discover what you need in a relationship and partnership with my Manifesting Love ebook. It’s a step-by-step guide where I teach my manifestation practices and rituals, including how to create a digital vision board to manifest love. This guide is chock full of exercises for healing and for clarity so you manifest and attract that good love.

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