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Learning Consistency to Manifest Success

Have you ever had an idea, set a plan to execute, and then flailed before accomplishing that goal? Well, welcome to the Inconsistency Club! I know how easy it is to stop when we are in trenches, mostly because I get tired of waiting for results. As an impatient Aries, it doesn’t always come naturally for me to see things through when they don’t pan out as quickly as I wish. I am working on it, though, because learning consistency is the key to manifesting success in all areas of life.

In today’s podcast, I share how learning consistency continues to be a struggle for me and why I keep distracting myself. I’ve struggled with my identity, I’m literally having a mini identity crisis every day!

I know my passions and that my soul purpose is to be a storyteller. I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always used my voice to entertain and to tell stories. But I’ve doubted that that is enough. Even when I promise myself that I will focus on learning consistency to manifest success, I begin the journey and change course midpoint.

In 2020, I started to write my book, started my newsletter, relaunched my podcast, and launched Latina x Love. All of these things align with being a storyteller. Do you know what doesn’t? Working on websites for clients, creating an Instagram content creation course, recording and editing a web series for a friend, and (brace yourselves) launching a coaching business. It was all too much and, ultimately, it is all a distraction.

Words Have Power and Our Actions Must Match

I’ve learned that words have power and our actions must align with our words. When I claim the things that I want and then I contradict my words with my behavior, God gets confused. So God’s like, okay, I’m telling you that this is your sole purpose. You’re asking me to help you. I keep revealing these things. I keep sharing this information. I keep opening doors of opportunity for you so that you can do what you love. And then you’re running scared?

Fear Breeds Inconsistent Behavior

I get scared of financial instability, the extra responsibilities, and all of the unknowns. The fear paralyzes me. I tend to either run away or self-sabotage by doing the opposite of what I say I desire. Then I look back weeks or months later and say, “Wait a minute. What am I doing?!” I do always return to center and my soul purpose, but it’s still a cycle of inconsistency that I must break to manifest success.

But rejection…

First, I have to stop reacting when I am triggered. And rejection is my trigger. I realized this after I pitched some articles to Oprah Magazine for the first time early this year. When I didn’t hear back, which is basically a rejection in the world of freelancing, I felt discouraged. I questioned whether I was cut out for this career anymore. I’ve been at it since 2006 and have been successful, but it does get exhausting to hear a chorus of crickets whenever I pitch a new platform. I then internalize that rejection and give up, which is the epitome of what not to do when you want to cultivate consistency!

So, I will leave you with this podcast and these last words: claim it, affirm it with your behavior by following through, and it will be.



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