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About Sujeiry

It’s your girl, Sujeiry – a Dominican Storyteller, Self Love Advocate, Podcaster, Former SiriusXM Radio Host, Romance Writer, and Instagram Content Creating Momma. I loves to dish on love and bring that #realtalk​. And, yes, that was a mouthful. I do love to talk!

Born and raised in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in upper Manhattan , I now reside on Long Island, NY. I’m obsessed with astrology (Aries sun, Capricorn rising here!), sunsets on the beach, reality TV (90 Day Fiance anyone?), karaoke (I beg you to challenge me to Rihanna’s “Umbrella!), and my toddler boy, Evan. 

Sharing Is Caring

Similarly, I adore sharing my self-love and #mompreneur journey with women. I hope to inspire and show women that we can succeed as entrepreneurs when we love ourselves and know our worth. I want women to pursue their dreams (fear be dammed!) and master the digital sphere like I did. As someone that once felt alone in my digital entrepreneurial journey, I know how essential it is to create a solid brand voice and message. It’s so important to do what you love with intention. This is what led to my success: a killer and niche brand and an SEO optimized website.

“My strong branding and SEO and content game led me to a writing career as the go-to Latina relationship writer, a radio show on SiriusXM, brand partnerships, and a dream career as a freelance writer.”

I am super excited to utilize my 15 years of real-life, digital media experience to help womenpreneurs with their Instagram content. Along the way, I will continue to share my relationship and romance stories as I have always done. Also, I’m launching a separate digital platform for Latinas on all things love and writing a romance novel.

It All Started With a Breakup

After my ex, Elijah, broke my heart into smithereens, I started a blog to heal and share my story. That was in 2015; the Wild Wild Wild of Blogging.  I thought nothing of SEO, website design or brand and content strategy. I wanted to write, entertain, and engage women. Naturally, I went the same route of wannabe authors; I signed up on Blogger and launched my relationship blog, posting one “I’m so lonely” story every Wednesday. 

latina relationship writer
As a Latina relationship writer, I share my stories to heal, entertain and inspire.

At the time, I studied writing in a graduate program. I hadn’t a clue what would be of my life after graduation. I had big dreams of becoming a published author and an entertainer. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that my blog would catapult me into the limelight.

With an MA in hand, I decided to become a professional the go to Latina relationship writer ala Carrie Bradshaw. My goal: launch a lucrative relationship blog. My issue: I had no idea what I was doing. 

Hello, Blogging!

At that time, the blogeshere was brand spanking new. Neither mom bloggers nor fashionistas knew how to make a consistent paycheck from writing online. With some trial and error, many hours online researching SEO strategy and WordPress plugins, and reading article after article on branding and mastering ye old Google, I cracked the code. 

  • 2010: I pitched myself left and right and created my own opportunities. In turn, I worked as a full-time a digital content creator for various platforms, including Latina, Babble, and Mamiverse.
  • 2013: Recognized as “the go-to chica for all things love” (thanks branding!), I landed a weekly guest radio spot on The Raq-C and Nachin Show in FM radio in Los Angeles.
  • 2015: I hosted my own radio show on SiriusXM.
  • 2018: I played myself on VH1’s Beauty Bar.

And it all began with a dream and a blog. So, what now? Oh I will tell!

Currently, I am writing my very first romance novel while balancing my growing YouTube channel, my personal newsletter (sign up here!), creating brandtastic Instagram content and building websites for female entrepreneurs (I do it all!), podcasting, mommying and (phew!) creating my very first content creation for biz course 

Want more? I got more!

Check out all of my press and media page where I’ve been quoted as a Latina relationship expert, on-air talent, speaker and influencer. And don’t forget to peruse my portfolio of work!

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