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Celebrity Love Gossip At Its Worst: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding and The Rest!

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Celebrity Love Gossip At Its Worst: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding and The Rest!

Sticking Tongue OutI love celebrity love gossip but there is some celebrity love gossip that I refuse to cover, no matter how juicy it is and how many eyes will be glued to my website. First on that list are the Kardashian nuptials. The big-booty-exposing-but-don’t-film-my-big-booty star (?) was just married this Saturday to New Jersey Nets basketball star (?) Kris Humphries. Who cares? Apparently, you all do!

Guests included the tipsy Lindsay Lohan along with her enabler, Dina Lohan (AKA White Oprah). The Kardashian sisters were all in tow and Kris actually made it!

The husband and the mother.

Yes. Kim K. married a man with her momma’s name. Uy!

In other (non)important celebrity love news, Kimberly Stewart birthed Benicio Del Torro’s we-had-sex-once child. The baby girl weighed in at 8 pounds and 9 ounces and her name is Delilah. Was Benicio there? Sources say no. Then again, who cares!

Lastly, it is rumored that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her third child (Ben Affleck has great swimmers) and Hilary Duff is also pregnant with child. Yes, Lizzy MGuire is going to have a baby!

And now I feel old.

Goodbye sweet world!!!

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