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Using Keyword Revealer: A Keyword Ranking Tool

When I began blogging in 2005, I didn’t know a thang about SEO or keyword ranking tools. No one did, most bloggers then were blogging as a hobby or, like me, blogging to create opportunities in editorial and/or radio. Now, everyone has a blog. (I’m waiting for mami to announce her blog on Facebook.) Business owners and female entrepreneurs realize the monetary benefit to create content on a blog – if you have the right content strategy. That’s where Keyword Revealer, a keyword ranking and research tool comes in. I’ve used it since transforming into your go-to blogging coach, and it’s helped me increase my blog traffic (with only 5 blog posts on this here site) from 0 pageviews (waaaah!) to over 1300 (yaaaay!) in 3 weeks.

The secret: Keyword Revealer. I’m telling you, this tool has changed my blogging for business game. And I’m going to show you how to use it RIGHT NOW. Sit back, take notes, and let’s get to it!

How to Sign Up for Keyword Revealer

First, you sign up HERE to get access. It’s free, however, you receive limited searches. This is what the free plan includes:

  • 3 daily keyword searches
  • 50 keyword suggestions
  • You can’t brainstorm longer keywords (you want this!) for Google and YouTube
  • You can’t use the rank tracker for Google ranking (you also want this!)
  • 0 saved projects or saved keywords for future reference

My review of the FREE plan:

  • The daily keyword limit sucks. I research at least 5-6 keywords (and phrase variations) for at least one blog post. You won’t discover the best keywords with this limit.
  • Keyword suggestions aren’t too bad. The tool provides you with 50 keyword suggestions, meaning 50 phrases/words to use as an alternative to the word you searched for. Often their suggestions are keywords that have less competition and a higher search volume, which is what you want! I explain that ALL HERE in my post on what to look for regarding keyword searches for SEO strategy.
  • And then you get nothing else! So, the free option is great to test out the product.

The next plan is the BASIC plan. This is the one that I use. For only $9.97 per month (you can also pay annually – only $90 – and you save 40%), you get:

  • 50 daily keyword searches
  • unlimited keyword suggestions
  • 25 times to brainstorm longer keywords for Google and YouTube
  • 35 keywords to add to the rank tracking tool to check your keyword position every day
  • save 3 projects
  • save 25 keywords

Side note: the rank tracker is amazing. It allows you to view how your blog rank and check your keyword position in Google EVERY DAY. That alone makes the basic plan worth it.

How to Use It

You signed up, now what? The fun part begins! This tool will allow you to write blogs with a clear SEO strategy in mind. Don’t have one? I have a SEO Content planner available NOW to help you get clear on SEO strategy. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Keyword Revealer.

Now, here are next steps:

  • Enter a keyword to research. (As you can see, I searched for monetize your blog. So, the keyword can be a phrase or word.) They will then provide you “keyword ideas” to help you rank if a keyword is too competitive. If you pay for the basic plan, you get unlimited suggestions. The free plan gives you 50 keyword ideas only.
  • Enter what country and what language for this keyword. If you want an American audience that speaks English, select “United States” and “English.” If you want a Spanish speaking audience in the US, select “Spanish.”
  • Hit enter and you will see all of the keyword ideas, as you see in the screenshot of my search above. Click “Evaluate” on the far right. That will show you the difficulty of the keyword. In other words, the competition. Again, I explain what keywords are the best to choose here.
  • The screen opens and you can see more details about that keyword, including the difficulty and my favorite thing in the world – the top 10 domains that use that keyword. THIS IS AMAZING CONTENT RESEARCH! It is a way to take notes on how the top 10 blog posts rank on Google – and how you can do it too. So, a content brainstorming gold mind!
best keyword ranking tool

Get to blogging!

You did your research, you feel great about your keyword. Write a blog post with that keyword in mind using Yoast SEO, the best WordPress FREE plugin for SEO strategy. Before you do so, do not forget to SAVE YOUR KEYWORD and use the keyword Rank Tracker. That way you won’t have to keep searching for the keyword if you want to use it again.

So, what do you say, huh? This handy tool is the bomb dot com! Make sure to use it for your SEO strategy for your blog for business. Cue RuPaul’s on RuPaul’s Drag Race: It will change your LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!



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