Intuitive Decision Making! 5 Tips to Make Decisions for Your Highest Good

How to Make Intuitive Based Decisions

I made a decision that went against everything I said I wanted. I said yes to a job that did not align with my goals, my personality, and my desired lifestyle. I wanted a remote job, this job required me to go into the office 5 days a week. I wanted a job that gave me enough freedom to pick up my son at school. The schedule for this job would make that impossible. I wanted a stress-free work environment so I had enough energy to write and build my business. This job locked me in with hours of arduous work. What was I thinking? Why did I say yes to a job that didn’t check any of my boxes? Because of my fear of the unknown. I made a fear-based decision despite knowing the importance of intuitive decision making. 

So there I was, a week into the job, realizing that I made the wrong choice. I really wanted to leave and so I quit after only a week. As Britney sings, Oops! I did it again. It is a pattern, my friends, but I do not regret it. In the end, intuitive decision making led me to a new role that I (currently) love. 

Rational Decisions  vs Intuitive Decision Making

After I left that job, I reflected some more on my experience. It dawned on me that I made a rational decision instead of using my intuition. I knew in my gut that this job wasn’t right, yet I talked myself into it. Heck, I was even excited to start the new gig! My intuition, however, was tingling, telling me that this position went against all that I desire. I was going against everything on my vision board! Everything I want to manifest! But my mind, well, it had a mind of its own. It calculated budgets and income. It fed into my lack of abundance mindset. It led me astray by convincing me that this job was it. Because, what if nothing better came along? What if I couldn’t get a higher salary? What if a remote job was just a fantasy? What if there was too much competition and I didn’t measure up? Phew! 

I didn’t have faith. In turn, I talked myself into a decision knowing fully well I should have used intuitive decision making. Here was my thought process when deciding to take this job offer: 

“The schedule sucks and it’s not what I want, but I’ll get used to it.”

“I want to work from home full time, but there’s a lot of competition.”

“I really just want to blog for a living, but I’ll just do it on the side. This job will ease some of my financial pressure.”

Does this sound familiar? Probably. Often we talk ourselves out of things that we truly want because we are afraid of pursuing what we really want. We fear we won’t achieve it at all and fear what may or may not come next. 

Don’t get me wrong, we all have basic needs and must provide for ourselves and our families. By no means am I advising you to quit a job you hate when you need a job to pay your bills. Ain’t nothing going up but the rent! We must sustain ourselves financially. What I am asking is for you to think about how you are making decisions. Is it intuitive-based? Is it based on fear? Is it based on a lack of faith? 

If you nodded your head, that yes, you’re making decisions based on fear (fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not being enough) here is how to make intuitive decisions.

Use affirmations.

Affirmations are an amazing way to retrain your subconscious. I have some free affirmations here for you! 

Write down what you truly desire.

When you’re about to make a decision, return to that list to remind yourself of all the things you said you wanted. Ask yourself: does this align? 

Manifest that shit with a vision board.

I am the Manifestation Queen, as per my Instagram bio. Everything that I’ve ever wanted professionally I’ve accomplished. Once you work on your mindset with affirmations, create a vision board. It does not work if you do not believe in yourself and in your vision. 

Show yourself grace.

You’re going to side step. You’re going to make fear-based decisions and rationalize your choices. It’s ok! Show yourself compassion through this journey called life.

Learn that it’s perfectly okay to course correct.

That means you can revert back on a decision. You can change your mind. You can say no after you said yes. And yes, you can leave that relationship, distance yourself from that friend, and quit your job. Our decisions do not have to be final. Our decisions are ours to make, over and over again. Don’t ever feel bad for doing you and using intuitive decision making to create the life you want and deserve. 

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