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How to Set Boundaries in Relationships

Oct 8, 2020

Nothing quiet says self-love like setting boundaries. On this episode of Self-Love Served Raw, my self-love podcast where I share my self-love journey and self-love tips, I dish on how to set boundaries in relationships. Plus, the benefits of setting boundaries.

How to Set Boundaries in Relationships

Come from a place of openness and love. Speak from a place of compassion and discuss how to move forward. Approach the person from a place of softness; do not attack them or get nasty!

Give examples. But don’t bash them in the head with it! Sharing your experiencing without rehashing details is how to set boundaries in relationships.

Validate your feelings again and again. This is important because, real talk, the person you are setting a boundary with will probably get defensive. Make the conversation about how their actions and behaviors make you feel versus how awful they are as a human being. (I’m sure they aren’t! You just have to teach them how to treat you.

If they don’t want to take your feelings into consideration and still make the issue about them, take a step back. Tell them you need space to think about your relationship. Just remember it takes time to break a relationship dynamic and set clear boundaries that are respected.

Set the boundary again and again. You set the boundary and they respect it – great! Guess what? You’ll have to remind them about that boundary again and again. Reinforcement is essential when learning how to set boundaries in relationships

Listen to the podcast for more.

Listen to the podcast for more self love tips. Plus, I share how I have set boundaries with Latinx family members, guys that I’ve dated and, yes, even a former employer. It’s scary, but it’s essential for personal development and for our self-respect. We must value ourselves!

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From Self-Love Struggle Bus to Feeling loveable & Worthy

From Self-Love Struggle Bus to Feeling Loveable & Worthy

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