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How to Create a Vision Board for Love

Whether it’s a new year, new you! or you’re simply ready for a new relationship, you can create a vision board for love. The law of attraction is real, y’all. If you believe it, you will obtain a healthy romantic relationship. But first, you have to clearly define your ideal match and romantic relationship. Once you are aware of what you need and desire, you can create a vision board for love. 

How to Create a Vision Board for Love

For those who don’t know what a vision board is, it is a visual representation of what you desire. A vision board is composed of an array of images and words that represent the love, abundance, and healing that you wish to attract. 

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Vision boards are an amazing way to state your vision and stay focused. I framed my 2020 vision board and hung it up on my wall as a reminder. Every morning I’d wake up and preview my goals and desired manifestations. I began the day clear and ready to manifest! 

Let’s get started!

So, how do you get started? First, you need to heal from past heartache. I have effective journal prompts for self-love and healing in my ebook, Manifesting Love: A Guide to Attain Healthy Love. You also have to get clear and know exactly the relationship and the partner that you want and need. What are his character traits? His values? What does he enjoy? Do you have similar interests or lifestyles? I share a specific exercise in my e-book to define your perfect romantic match.

vision board for love

Now you’re ready to create a vision board for love! Here is what you need to get it done. 


Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Create a Vision Board for Love

Modernize your vision board experience with a digital vision board. I use In my vision board, I include images and  write words that inspire the life and love that I wish to attain, create, and live.

First, begin with your word for the year (a word that will bring forth a specific energy that you wish to manifest). Meditate on it. What word encompases all of what you desire in a relationship and partner? 

Next, look over the answers to the exercises in Manifesting Love: A Guide to Attain Healthy Love. These will guide you in selecting the images and words that represent your next relationship. Yes, I said your next relationship! We must believe in order to achieve. I want you to truly feel that this will happen, that you will manifest love. You will, you can! And my ebook, Manifesting Love: A Guide to Attain Healthy Love, will help. 

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