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How I Will Love Myself More in 2022

I missed the ball drop. For the first time in 43 years, I didn’t count down to midnight and shout Happy New Year as confetti fell on strangers in Times Square. I was busy taking care of myself. I caught the ‘Vid right after Christmas and I just really needed a lozenge. I walked away from Dick Clarks Rocking Eve for just one second to grab a soothing lemon and echinacea cough drop. When I returned it was 12:01 am. Happy New Year to me! 

In years past, I would have been upset. Today, I know that missing the 2022 countdown was an act of self-love. I could have stayed in the living room hacking up a lung, my eyes glued to the television. I chose to find relief with Ricola. I didn’t sacrifice my well-being for something or someone – not even Ryan Seacrest. 

Oh, what a difference a year makes. 

At 12:02 am, I spoke to loved ones and wished them a happy 2022. At 12:05 am, I grabbed my iPhone and began writing some self-love reflections to guide me this year. My self-love journey hasn’t been easy to navigate. I’ve self-sacrificed my needs and desires, doubted myself and my choices, and ignored my feminine power (my intuition). Through it all, I’ve always used writing to reflect on self-love and check myself when I divert from my intuitive, God-given path. 

So, that’s how I began 2022…by writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and a few things dawned on me regarding my self-love journey and how I want to love myself more in 2022. 

How I Want to Love Myself More in 2022

First, I don’t want to explain myself to anyone. Whatever I choose to do in my life and my career (and even this blog) is nobody’s business. I struggled with this because I want to be validated by my peers. I want people to think that I am a confident, amazing, and consistent writer, creative, and entertainer. But, I’m kind of a hot mess. I’ve accepted this and I don’t need to be anyone else but me. That’s the best act of self-love. Period. 

Making mistakes is part of my self-love journey. I’m a trial and error kind of girl. I have to dip my toe in the pool before I jump in. I have to wade in the water, waist-deep before deciding whether I want to swim in it, float and flow. If I don’t like the way it feels, I will get out and dry off. And even though I may jump out too soon, this is my process and I can always jump back in. 

Writing makes me the happiest. I love my podcast and I know many of my fans do as well. I get the DMs. But, podcasting will never fulfill me as much as writing does. So, to love myself more this year, I have to write more. I have to write every day. That means something’s got to give because I am a momma with limited time. And that something might be my podcast.

I don’t want to be a relationship expert anymore. This realization is a tough one to admit, but it’s an act of self-love, to be honest with ourselves. I don’t want to spew dating and relationship advice. I don’t want to be quoted as an expert. I want to be seen and to be celebrated as a writer. 

The only reason that I took on the title and the charge of “relationship expert” was to be seen and heard. I could have a face and a personality from behind my computer screen. I could entertain and be cheeky and funny (cause I am!). I could be interviewed as a relationship expert on TV and have my own radio show (which I did) and podcast providing relationship advice. All of the things that I thought that I wanted. And because it all came so easily and naturally, I continued to brand myself as a relationship expert even when I was over it. It felt inauthentic and superficial. Because in my heart, I just want to be a writer. 

To love myself more in 2022, I have to let everything else fall by the wayside and believe in myself as a writer in a new way. 

The thing is that branding myself and succeeding as a relationship expert felt like a piece of cake compared to being a writer. Being a writer takes a lot more work, hustle, and effort. That’s why even though in the last two years I’ve shouted, “I am a writer!” “I’m going to do this differently!” “I’m going to focus!”, I waver, dipping my toe in that pool again hoping to find something else that ignites and inspires me just the same. And when I feel something is too much and too hard, I quit. I run away. Fly, baby, fly. 

Well, I love myself enough to say that I just want to write. I just want to tell stories. 

I love myself enough to release my need for validation. It will not dictate my decisions as a creative entrepreneur. 

I promise myself that in 2022 I will pour into myself and my writing. That I will stop pouring into what does not fill my cup. That I will love myself more even when I misstep and I am afraid. It’s an act of self-love even greater than sucking on Ricola.

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Sujeiry Gonzalez (Love Sujeiry) is a Digital Publisher, Author, Connector, and Self-Love Advocate. Founder of, her mission is to provide expert resources and insightful and relatable content that guides Latinx women to love and embrace their authentic selves. Her writing has been published in Hip Latina, Well + Good, Madamenoire, Latina, YourTango. She also hosted her own radio show on SiriusXM (LoveSujeiry). Currently, Sujeiry resides on Long Island with her son, Evan, enjoying all things astrology (Aries sun, Capi rising!), hosting (she throws a mean party), and karaoke (she’s always Riri).

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