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grand romantic gestures

Grand Romantic Gestures! Things People Did for Love

When I’m in love I feel lighter, happier, and like I’m bubbling over with hope. I walk with an extra pep in my step and more sway in my strut. I smile brighter and laugh louder. I’m much more generous and creative, demonstrating my love with grand romantic gestures.  ‘Cause love is a beautiful thing. 

Love also moves us to act on our feelings in big ways. Emperor Shah Jahan, for instance, built the Taj Mahal in memory of his third wife. Over 300 hundred years old, the mausoleum is the epitome of how love moves and motivates us. 

How can you show your love to your significant other with a civilian budget? With grand romantic gestures. Take note of the most amazing things people have done for love. 

Grand Romantic Gestures

Donating an Organ

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We’ve watched this scene play out on Grey’s Anatomy numerous times. A loved one needs an organ and their husband, wife, lover, or sometimes mistress chooses to get sliced and donates said body part. This also happens in real life. Remember that time George Lopez’ wife, Ann Serrano, donated her kidney to save his life? That’s real, unconditional, selfless love. 

Become Extra Charitable

Your loved one passes away and you can’t fathom living alone in your family home. So you give it to charity. That’s what Curt Chergosky did after his fiancee, Andrea, died. Curt donated their $4 million dollar farm to Andrea’s favorite charity, the 4-H youth club in their hometown of Minnesota. 

Proposing Out Loud

Some men love their future wives so much that their proposal in itself is a grand romantic gesture. Take Rob, a man who proposed thousands of feet in the air over an airplane intercom. He shocked his now wife with the proposal, recording the entire thing to share with friends and family when they landed. Then there’s the guy who fell out of the sky to prove how badly he’d fallen in love. Josh jumped off of a building while holding a sign that read “Me?” On the floor where he landed lay three signs with the words WILL YOU MARRY. I really hope she said yes! Cause I would! 

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Relocating for Love

If you’re in a long distance relationship, someone will eventually have to move. And that romantic grand gesture comes with many sacrifices. You’re leaving family and friends behind and often a stable job. You are restarting your life for love. 

That’s what Nguyen did for her now husband, Joe, who spent a year in Vietnam teaching her and her family the English language. They fell in love during that time and, before returning to the United States, he said he would come back for her. Joe kept his promise and traveled back to Vietnam a year later. Now, married 50 years, they share their love story with their children and grandchildren. That’s the power of love.



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