Goals Worksheet

Your monthly goals worksheet to help you keep track of your goals easily and effectively. 

goals worksheet

Manifest Your Monthly Goal

Write down the monthly goal that you will manifest. Be as specific as possible. You can write more than one but I recommend not overwhelming yourself to make this process easy and effective. 


Plan Your Month

You've set your goal, now write down the things you must do to get it done! This is your to-do list for the month.  There's enough space to jot down as many tasks as needed.

Do It!

The Claim! Plan! Do! goals worksheet will help keep you on task and on purpose. Accomplishing your manifested goal is up to you. Let's do this! 

Claim! Plan! Do!

Get the planner that will change how you tackle tasks and goal get. 

A Simple and Effective Planner for Goal Getting

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