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How to Get Over Heartbreak by Using Your Creativity

Bare with me when I say that a lot of good can come from heartbreak. Whether the relationship was stripped from your hands or you made the choice to move on, the end of a relationship can provide us with the opportunity to personally develop and learn much-needed lessons. At least once you get over heartbreak. The end of a relationship can also protect us from settling for a partner that no longer serves us. As they say, rejection is God’s protection.

Heartbreak also helps us pinpoint what we truly desire in a romantic relationship and significant other. For me, I realized that I needed a partner that supported my writing career despite the fickleness of the industry. Had I not been with a man that wanted me to trade in writing for a 9-5 I wouldn’t have realized that a man’s unconditional support is a non-negotiable. 

No, how do you get over heartbreak to get to a better emotional and mental space? How do you stop wallowing in a tub of Turkey Hill ice cream and living in your comfy pajamas? By using your creativity and using the pain to produce something positive.

Crafting Projects

The Break-Up Activity Book: Crafting Your Way Through a Broken Heart encourages women to immerse themselves in creative craft projects to help them “survive the misery, anger, and heartbreak” that accompanies a breakup. The author, Lynn Chang, offers hilarious craft projects like, “Voodoo Sock Puppet” and “Cut and Paste Revenge.’ Get some girlfriends together and get to crafting to get over heartbreak!

Start a Blog

Take a page from my book (literally) and begin a blog about your breakup. Once you’re ready to date again continue the blog and write about your exciting and sometimes odd dating escapades. Your dating blog will gain a readership in no time. For all you know, this heartbreak may become a new hobby, passion, and maybe a career as a blogger!

Write in Your Journal

If you don’t want your business on the interwebs, write in a journal instead. Jot down your thoughts, your woes, the lessons learned, and all of your progress. Write poetry or personal essays. Vent about your ex to release the hurt. Draw stick figures if you like. Just take some time to heal with pen and paper.

Take Photos of Happy Days

There is a photo challenge on Instagram called “100 Days of Happiness.” (Boy, did I need this photo challenge after my latest heartbreak!) It’s easy to participate: you simply take 100 photos for 100 days of people, places, and things that fill you with joy. What a great way to get over heartbreak and have a killer photo album!

Write a Book

I began my dating blog months after my first love shattered my heart. I documented every feeling, disappointment, and every detail of our off-and-on sweet yet torturous love affair. This heartbreak was a turning point in my career. Without Elijah, I wouldn’t have written Love Trips and become the Latina “Carrie Bradshaw.”

You can do the same. If you are a writer or have always desired to write prose, you can write a book about your relationship, or a self-help book sharing the lessons you’ve learned to guide other women. 

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As you can see, the sky’s the limit when using your creativity to get over heartbreak. Wipe those tears away and pick up a creative project.



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