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The Front Matter: The Pages in A Book

Often times newbie self-published authors forget about the front matter of their book. What’s that, you ask? The front matter are the first pages in a book before you tell your actual story. Think about a book that you’re reading right now. What pages do you see when you open the book? It’s not the first chapter or a prologue, ammirite? Right! Still, the front matter is just as essential as the novel itself.

So today I’m going to share the 5 pages that you need to add to your self-published book.

A title page

This is the first page when you open a book. It should have your book title and your name or pseudonym. It’s simple to create, just open up any book on your bookshelf and you’ll see this is the easiest part of self-publishing your book! 

Copyright page

This is where you’ll add your copyright information (year, name) and your ISBN number (which you get for free when you self-publish on all platforms.  Discover all recommended self-publishing platforms in Self Publish Like A Boss). You should also add All Rights Reserved and anything else that is relevant to protect your work. Also, make sure to credit the photographer and/or illustrator if you hired someone for the cover or any images/illustrations inside your book.

A dedication page

Dedicate your book to a loved one or your ideal reader or audience. I dedicated my book, Love Trips, to all the single ladies that struggle with self-love just like I did. 

Table of content

This is for a non-fiction book or a collection of stories. If you’re writing fiction, there is no need for a Table of Contents.

self publish your book guide

And that’s it, that’s all you need to start your book. This is just the beginning, I’ve been there. I know how daunting it is to write a book and how lonely the experience can be! That’s why I launched The Love Sujeiry Writers Lab to provide emotional and writing support to aspiring writers. Join the VIP LIST and be the first to know when The Love Sujeiry Writers Lab is live. It will be an intimate group so space is limited. 




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