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Feedback: Multicultural Romance Novel Book Proposal

Last year, I received an intuitive hit in a dream. It was an idea for a multicultural romance novel loosely based on my life experiences. (Isn’t all fiction inspired by fact?) I jumped out of bed without brushing my teeth and hurried over to my laptop. As a writer, I like to strike while the words and ideas are fresh.

multicultural romance novel writer

Ignited, I knew that I had to publish my novelette and that I desired a tribe of writers to uplift me through the writing and editing process. But who? Most of my friends are 9-5ers that don’t read, never mind write.

I went straight to Google to find an online writers group for women of color and felt disheartened when my search came up empty. Resigned to writing sola again, as I did when penning my first book, Love Trips, I went to the ‘Gram for distraction. The first post on my feed was by Christine Guiterrez, author of I Am Diosa, about her online publishing group. My heart surged, this is what I was looking for. I felt God led me to that post at that very moment so I could take action. I clicked on the link in her bio, signed up, and showed up to virtual class ready to write and learn about publishing.

Ready for the Book Proposal

Fast forward three months and I completed the book proposal for a new multicultural romance novel. During one of the first sessions, where we were hypnotized by a professional (yes, it was that kind of writer’s group!) I received another intuitive hit with the plotline, main characters, and title of my new book. (That is the multicultural romance novel I am currently still writing.) I listened to my intuition, I let it guide me while writing my book. And the feedback I received from my book mentors…Lord….it was life-changing and reaffirming. You can watch my reaction below.

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Watch Me Get Feedback for My Multicultural Romance Book Proposal

I can watch this video over and over again. It’s a reminder that I can’t give up on my soul purpose. Writing is my God-given talent. My Creator made me a creator.

On that note, I feel another intuitive hit as I write this. That is to guide any aspiring writers that are close to giving up on their writer dreams. If you can’t seem to shake being a writer, that feeling isn’t going anywhere. I’ve poured my energy into other things, like creating products and teaching womenpreneurs what I know about branding, blogging, and SEO. Yet my soul always returns to writing.

Focus on writing if that is what stirs you, even if it doesn’t currently sustain you financially. I promise you, as I say to myself, it’ll be worth it. Because you’ll be so happy, you’ll feel so yourself, that eventually the money will flow and you’ll be giddy from doing what you love – writing. Just like I’ll be extra giddy when my romance novel gets traditionally published.

From writer to writer, I feel you, I am you. I also want to help support you. That’s why I created the Love Sujeiry Writers Lab. You can learn more about my online writers group for women of color and join today.



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