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When You Fear Failure As a Mompreneur

A few years ago, a fellow Latinx creative wanted to hire me for a video editing project. It was a role that I manifested, which is why I told her I would email her my rates. In reality, I had nothing to show her. Although I edited my videos for YouTube with precision and creativity, and I wanted to lean into video editing as a mompreneuer, I didn’t do my due diligence. I didn’t have a business plan, a service menu, or a rate sheet because I was terrified. I feared failure as a momprenuer because there is so much more at stake. Therefore, I turned down the project. And, since I’m being really transparent here, I actually ghosted her. She emailed me a dozen times and I didn’t reply all because I fear failure.

The Repercussion When You Fear Failure as a Mompreneur

Due to acting like an immature Scaredy Cat, I burnt that bridge. And that’s one of the many repercussions when we allow our fear of failure to control our actions and decision-making. It also kills self-confidence. I was so excited to launch my video editing services! I manifested this opportunity and gushed about my new venture at every turn. You know, that “act like it’s already yours” manifestation tactic. (It truly works, by the way.) And when I met a videographer at an event in NYC and he offered to help me and my business, it felt kismet.

I believe it truly was meant to be. But, when we fear failure, we squander the many gifts that God provides. Even the gifts that we desire and we have prayed for! When we run away from life-changing opportunities, we feel like shit. We beat ourselves up emotionally. Ultimately, our self-worth suffers, especially if we constantly self-sabotage due to fear.

So, how do we turn this around?

It isn’t easy, but if you practice the following tactics, you will begin to find success as a mompreneur:

  • Work on your business strategy to circumvent the fear that creeps up. Because fear will try to take over! It’s a lot easier to let it stop you when you’re not prepared.
  • Manifest how it feels to be a successful mompreneur. This is where I faltered. Yes, I manifested the opportunity and even the help to get me started, but I didn’t manifest feelings of confidence and self-worth. Visualize yourself getting the opportunity you seek as a mompreneur and taking on the challenge fearlessly. See and feel yourself providing the service triumphantly. See and feel the satisfaction of your clients!
  • Utilize tools that can help with issues of self-worth and fear of failure. One of my favorite ways to manifest and get unstuck is to journal. I highly recommend the Magic of Mindset Journal. The journal prompts really allow you to reflect and it is beautifully designed as well!

Created by Johanna Wright, The Magic of Mindset will help you connect to your feelings and power in order to manifest your deepest desires.

As for me, I am glad that I fudged this project. Because it led me back to the creative business I’ve always desired and worked for: blogging right here on That’s the thing about manifestation, we always receive and reject the opportunities that align with who we are and what we want, even if we don’t know it yet. So, if you’ve allowed fear of failure to stop you, show yourself some grace. Work on it every day. Know that you are right where you need to be.




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