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9 Lies Romcoms Tell Us About Fairytale Love

I am a sucker for romantic movies. From How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to The Notebook, I can’t help but devour the plotline, root for their love, and swoon when they finally get their happy ending within the last 10 minutes. And I think, this can be me! Then I look at my nonexistent love life. I ponder my past relationships where I have loved and lost and the guy went buh-bye. Ain’t no man ever chased me down an airport to profess his love. So much for fairytale love! 

The falsity hurts, Romcoms! And there are so many lies. Here’s how we’ve been duped by romcoms about that elusive fairytale love: 

10 Lies Romcoms Tell Us About Fairytale Love

Leave it to destiny. (Serendipity)

If it’s meant to be, it will be! You don’t even have to give your person of interest your number. Just jot it down in a random book and he’ll find it (and you) one day! But only if it’s meant to be. And when you meet them for the first time, you’ll just click. You’ll know your person and be together forever even if you’ve only known them for a minute. But it’s okay, your Stranger Love isn’t a serial killer. Cause it’s meant to be!

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A tiger will actually change his stripes. (Sex and the City)

As in, a player is a player until he meets you and chooses you – eventually. You just have to wait a while and suffer through the headgames, the emotional detachment, and constant withdrawal.  He’ll come around and love you the way you deserve to be loved…because you’re that special. So, be patient, my dear. Put in the time and that situationship that’s been flip-flopping for years will turn around and turn into a deeply, committed, loving relationship. 

I will wait for you! (The Notebook)

A man that loves you will wait for you for (years and years and years). While he waits, he builds you a house from scratch with his bare, manly hands. And it isn’t true love until doves appear while you’re riding a rowboat down a river.

You can be a hooker. (Pretty Woman)

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. As long as you’re beautiful and have great energy and personality the hottest man who has ever picked up a hooker will move you into his penthouse. He’ll give you a makeover, give you credit cards, and make you his woman. 

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Play games all day. (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

Playing games is the way to go! Your love interest will think it’s adorable if you pretend to be crazy or disinterested. He’ll think it’s endearing when you decorate his entire home with your framed photos and create a photo album of your future babies. He won’t run away. In fact, he’ll introduce you to his parents! 

A man will drop his fiancé for you. (The Wedding Planner)

You can be a lonely and beautiful woman who is a workaholic. You can have no friends or life at all and still get the guy. It doesn’t matter if he’s about to marry another woman. He will drop her just for you even though you’ve only spent a few weeks together. And he won’t cheat on you even though he cheated on his ex-fiancé with you to be with you. 

Prostitutes look like that. (The Wedding Date)

Pay a prostitute to be your date at a wedding and he will fall in love with you. Ah, a male Pretty Woman! 

Stalking is so romantic. (While You Were Sleeping)

Pretending to be someone’s fiance, even when they’re in a coma, isn’t stalking – it’s love!  When he wakes up he will fall in love with you, not call the cops. Promise.

Mean girls don’t always win. (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Mean girls don’t always get the guy but ditzy girls do! Forgot all that you learned in college, master the art of singing really bad karaoke. 

And with that, let’s say farewell to fairytale love. It only leads to high expectations, heartbreak, and a really long wait at the airport. 

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