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Embracing Aging: I Love Madonna…But Her FACE?!

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Embracing Aging: I Love Madonna…But Her FACE?!

Sujeiry Hair Down and CalmBefore Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna, there was Madonna. The stage-humping “Material Girl” pushed the envelope and, though she gave little Sujeiry the willies (her book Sex was just too much for my virgin eyes!), I always admired her gusto. Besides, Madonna is the epitome of Pepa Power™, and not because she flashed her vagina a time or two. She’s a savvy business woman who, though not the best singer, believed she would achieve.

And so she did.

But now, my straight forward and “in your face” Madonna has done something with her face. Instead of embracing the aging process, it seems she has botoxed her skin, plumped her lips and  maybe added cheek implants?

You be the judge.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Looks Bad

As for my coping with the aging process, I only hope that I do not panic and fly to the Dominican Republic for an affordable, although physically costly, fix me up. I want to age gracefully like 66-year old Helen Miren and my 63-year-old momma. Too bad Madonna isn’t embracing this process as she should.

And that makes me love Madonna just a little less.

What do you think of her new face and how will you cope with aging?

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