Does Penis Size Matter? A Study Discovers the Answer

Does Size Really Matter?

I’ve often said that what matters to me during intercourse is the motion in the ocean. I’d also probably run into the wilderness if anything close to an anaconda slivered up my skirt. What can I say? My pepa, as I call her endearingly, is a coward. She’s extra sensitive, much like her owner (me!). I’m just not that into an overly endowed man. Other women, however, feel otherwise, at least according to science. The age old question, does penis size matter? is often questioned. And, apparently, the answer is an astounding “yes.” 

Does Penis Size Matter? The Study

One study showed that women find men with a larger size much more attractive. Reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, researchers asked 105 young Australian women to rate male attractiveness. The women viewed life-size video clips of computer-generated images of naked men. The men varied in body type and height. They were not aroused in the video clips. They had similar hair and facial features. After viewing the men, the women rated each image from 1 to 7 on total sexual attractiveness. 

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The Conclusion

The conclusion shocked my frightened pepa. Overall, the size of a man’s penis had a greater influence on attractiveness than any other feature. Time and again, women chose men with a larger penis size as most attractive. Tall men with a large penis size ranked highest. However, short men with a large penis size weren’t too far behind. So, yea, it was all about their big peckers. 

A Case of Evolution or Just Better Orgasms? 

So, why does penis size matter? It might be due to evolutionary principles. According to research, women subconsciously find bigger peckers more appealing. Size triggers an idea of manliness. Specifically, women subconsciously believe larger men have a greater ability to produce healthy children.

Another study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that women also attribute frequent vaginal orgasms to larger penis size. When recalling their past sexual encounters, women who reported a higher number of vaginal orgasms said the man had a large penis. Quite the contrary, when I recall past Latin lovers, I cringe. Their larger than life penes killed my pepa

And What About Latinx Men? 

On average, Latinx men are larger down there than many other ethnicities and races. Although race wasn’t factored into the previous studies asking, does penis size matter? I did some digging. 

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According to a poll by the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, the most endowed men are from the Congo in Africa followed by Ecuadorians and Colombians (both 6.7 inches on average). German men measured in at 5.7 whereas British men came in close proximity with 5.5 inches. What of the romantic French? Their average penis size is 5.3 inches. Men from South and North Korea came in last, measuring at 4.2 inches. 

So, the verdict is in – it really is the size of the boat and not the motion in the ocean that matters. Women will continue to celebrate and crave anacondas, leaving my pepa in the minority. Maybe I’ll take a trip out east to Asia. Well, maybe not North Korea. 

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