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This Contouring Newbie Tries Guize Face FX

This is a makeup NON tutorial because, ladies, I had a contour FAIL! I won’t blame the product. This is my first time contouring my face and the disaster that was (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit) is all on me. Lord, have mercy on my cheeks!

My Contouring Fail

So yes, I’m finally popping my contouring cherry with a contouring kit by Guize Face FX, a product that was gifted to me by Guize Face FX in exchange for an honest review. I’ve never felt the need to contour my face (to the Gods!). Then, I saw beauty influencer after beauty influencer on The Gram with the most fabulous cheekbones. And I thought, I must have a cheekbone just like them without plastic surgery!

I thought about it for a while before taking the plunge. Whenever I watch contour YouTube videos my eyes glaze over when I realize how long it takes. I get palpitations, y’all. I am a mom of a toddler, ain’t nobody got time for all that when my kid yells, “Maaaaaaaamiiiii!” every 5 minutes.

Enter Guize Face FX, a contour palette that makes contouring quick and easy.

How Guize Face FX Work

Guize Face FX makes it easy for contour newbies to get it right, even though I got it so wrong. Again, contour FAIL!

The palette comes with a pamphlet filled with directions and images telling you where to apply each shade. I got this, I thought. I’m a visual learner, so, yay! Or not. Cause I could not get the hang of contouring. 

Let’s break down Guize Face FX, shall we? (I am not here to sugar coat my opinions and will be honest about the product! #SorryNotSorry) 

Guize FX Color Palettes

There are three sets of palettes to choose from depending on your skin tone: Moonlight, Daylight, and Twilight.

  • Moonlight is for lighter complexions
  • Daylight is for medium complexions
  • Twilight is for darker complexions.

So, basically, one is for a white girl, one is for an Asian girl, and one is for a Latinx or African American girl. Don’t come at me! Those are the women they used on their website for each palette! Exhibit A, B and C.

contour fail
Guize Face FX Color Palettes (Left to Right: Moonlight, Daylight, Twilight)

I used Twilight and, although it matched my skin tone, I can’t imagine Guize Face FX being a universal contouring palette for women of color. Latinx and African American women come in all hues and the Twilight palette will not compliment all darker complexions. So, I give Guize Face FX a side eye for Twilight, since the model using the Twilight palette is of a lighter complexion than the “darker complexion” demographic that exists.

As for me, I am hanging my contouring brush and keeping my life simple with highlighter and blush. 

Are you into the contouring craze or what products do you use to contour?




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