You work hard as an aspiring Creative Entrepreneur. You're often brainstorming, planning, and ideating alone without feedback, community, support, or a clear direction. That screenplay, book, or creative business idea has been sitting in your Google Docs folder for months, if not years, because you have trouble finishing a project. You want to execute and finally use your creative skills as an entrepreneur but you can't find the time, space, community, or support to execute.

It's not your fault. You have dreams as a Creative woman but you're too busy balancing relationships, family, motherhood, work - the list goes on.

That's why you need a container that keeps you focused, on task, and accountable. Stop dreaming about being a Creative Entrepreneur and take the actionable steps to live your dream. Finally use your talents to sustain yourself.  Start by joining the Cocreators Lab, a digital mastermind providing accountability, support, and community for Creative Entrepreneurs. 

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The Cocreators Mastermind is a 12-week mastermind program that provides you with the space, support, and goal setting to map out your creative entrepreneurial goals.

Within this Creative Container, you'll brainstorm, access resources, gain clarity, craft a plan, and take action with my guidance and support and the support of your peers.

The Cocreators Mastermind include:

Cocreaters Hour: Creating can be a lonely process. That's why the Cocreators Lab hosts a weekly Cocreate Hour as a way to make space and time to work on your individual projects.

Weekly Workshopping. There is value in feedback, which is why we provide you with the opportunity to share your progress, ideate, and nail your Creative Offer.  

Monthly Expert Calls. Pick my brain and that of expert guests. Get access to resources, like manifestation workshops and creative entrepreneurship tips, workbooks, and podcasts. From blogging, SEO, social media, freelance writing, branding, and myriad of creative entrepreneurship topics, we got you covered.

Goal Setting. You will set goals that keep you accountable. You will have deadlines, timelines, and take action. So you can dust off that manuscript, that screenplay, that podcast idea, that design project and get it done, done, done. 

Digital Community: Feel supported and get focused alongside fellow aspiring Creative Entrepreneurs. Inside our personal WhatsApp chat, we will inspire and motivate our souls throughout this process.

the cocreators mastermind is for you if YOU:

Want to clarify, solidify, and map out your Creative Offer

Need help taking a leap toward your Creative Entrepreneurial journey

Have thought of launching a Creative Offer but don't know where to start

Need accountability coaching to help you execute and meet your goals

Crave a support system of fellow Creative Entrepreneurs 

Need guidance on marketing your business

Wish to brainstorm your creative ideas and get feedback

Believe in the Power of Manifestation

from aspiring creative to latina magazine columist and siriusxm host

As an adolescent, I wrote stories and sang on stages. Because I've always been Creative. No matter how hard I tried to suppress my desire to tell stories and perform for a living, I just couldn't shake it. I knew I had to make this Creative Entrepreneurship work despite not having role models or mentors to guide me. And I did. I cultivated a plan, a brand, and a killer content and SEO strategy. I pitched myself like "la ultima botella de Coca Cola en el desierto." I slayed and networked and connected and kicked down doors, creating my own opportunities for success as a Freelance Writer, Influencer, Content Creator, On-Air Talent, and SirusXM Host.

So, how did I do it? I had a vision for my life and an unwavering faith that I would succeed as a Creative. This is what we will cultivate in the Cocreators Lab. We'll create together. We'll brainstorm together. We'll hold each other accountable. And I will be there every step of the way, motivating you when you feel stuck, giving you ideas when you don't know what direction to take, and connecting you with other Creatives. I will guide you, motivate you, push you, and champion you along the way. 

allow me to introduce myself

let's cultivate, dream, and accomplish our creative goals together.
our journey begins March 2022.

To keep it intimate, the Cocreators Mastermind accepts 8 Creatives at a time. We ask that you consult with Sujeiry first to ensure our container is the right fit for you and your Creative Entrepreneurial journey. 







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