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How to Choose the Best Keywords for Blog Posts

by lovesujeiry
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My blogging for business family, please, please have an SEO keyword strategy before you start a blog! That way you built the foundation of your blog on solid SEO-friendly ground. That’s the topic today, folks. I’m guiding you like the great blogging coach and auntie that I am, and sharing how to choose the best keywords for blog posts.

First, you need a keyword search tool. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do real keyword research. You also won’t understand half the things in this post! The keyword search tool that I use is Keyword Revealer. I have a tutorial (with images!) on how to use it HERE.

Look at the Keyword Search Volume

To choose the best keywords for blog posts, you must look at the keyword search volume. “Search volume” is how many people search for that keyword phrase or term per month. The lower the search volume, the less chance you will get hits on your blog post. (Because not many people are searching for that topic.) The higher the search volume, the more people are Googling that keyword. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll get eyeballs on your blog post immediately. This is just the first step of what to look for. Let’s move on to keyword difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is crucial to choose keywords for blog posts. When a keyword difficulty is high that means there’s a lot of competition for that keyword. In laymen terms, a lot of folks are writing about that blog topic – and that’s no bueno!

Keyword Revealer evaluates your keyword term and gives you a number from 0-100. The higher the number (you guessed it, niecey poo!) the higher the difficulty; it will be that much harder for your blog post to rank on Google for that specific keyword/blog topic. The lower the number the easier it will be to rank. And that’s what you want!

Happy Medium

Let me get really real like only a blogging coach and tia can: it will take a lot of research and time to find a desirable and effective keyword (low difficulty with high search volume). It ain’t impossible, nothing is! However, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and put in work. I say find that happy medium. In Keyword Revealer, I choose keywords that have a search volume of a few hundred per month, not necessarily thousands (although that’s ideal) and no higher than a 47 out of 100 difficulty grade. It’s my happy medium since blogs about how to blog for entrepreneurial success are highly solicited!

Other Important Factors

The coolest thing about Keyword Revealer is that it provides you with the top 10 blogs that rank for that keyword. And that means content brainstorming! Bonus: Keyword Revealer shares “on page optimization,” which states the percentage of the top 10 posts on Google that use the keyword in the URL, title, description, and/or first heading of the blog post. That means you can use the keyword in the URL, title, description, and/or first heading of your blog post and potentially rank top 10 on Google with time!

This is all so exciting, isn’t it? Even more thrilling is my FREE blogging course for newbie bloggers and business owners that want to maximize their website by adding blog content to increase traffic. Sign up for the FREE course! You’ll thank me later, familia!

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