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choosing a blog niche

What the Blog? Choosing A Blog Niche

Do me a favor: before you start a blog think about choosing a blog niche that you can monetize. In fact, I beg you to! Chile’ I am your blogging auntie; I speak from experience. I began blogging in 2005 where a Google search resulted in tumbleweeds. Blogging was brand spanking new, so I as well as other newbie bloggers knew nada about choosing a blog niche or content monetization. It was the Wild Wild West of Blogging!

In my tenure as a blogger, I’ve learned many lessons, like how you can’t write about everything that strikes your fancy without confusing Google and your audience. So, I niched down. I chose to blog about relationships and in 2006, I landed an online column on thanks to my niche relationship blog – and I got paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid. How much? $800 per story. So $1 per word. The Wild Wild West of Blogging was very very good to me.

My trajectory continued all the way up and I decided that blogging would be my bread and butter. I was on a mission to monetize my blog after realizing there are many opportunities to monetize content. If you are strategic enough when choosing a blog niche, you can develop a successful brand and a career where you can work from anywhere. As long as I had WIFI I could make money. And that I did.

Since launching my blog in 2008, I created content in a bikini while relishing in the views of the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico. I made 5K in one month from sponsored content. I landed a radio show on SiriusXM and multiple spots on national television. Choosing the right blog niche had a lot to it, as did dedication, consistency, and good ol’ SEO.

Sounds amazing, right? That’s because it is! You can accomplish these very blog goals by choosing your blog niche before you start a blog. Here’s a guide to help you make that decision:

choosing a blog niche

Your skills, skills, skills

What are you good at? Think about your skill set. What can you do that others don’t know how to do? Or what can you do differently that others do do? Your skill set will help you create content easily. Choosing a blog niche based on your talents and abilities will also lead to an effortless transition when you begin to sell products and/or services. You are already an expert, so utilize your expertise!

Can you make make money off of your passion?

Let’s say you love food and want to create a food blog. This is my passion, you say! Ok, but ask yourself this: can I make money off of my passion? Many say you can and will encourage you to go full throttle. As someone who did just that (remember, I am your blogging auntie!) I can attest that you can indeed do what you love and make money. However, it takes a lot longer to monetize your blog if your passion doesn’t translate to a product and/or service. Let’s return to the food blogger. Your posts are pretty and you adore cooking, but what will you sell? How can you convert those viewers to customers? Think about this and don’t bank on making money to supplement your income from Google Adsense. It takes millions of pageviews to see real profit from Google Adsense. $100 per month will not cut it niece!

Choosing a blog niche to blog about all of the time

Real talk: to make bank blogging you have to blog consistently. Google will not pick up your content if you’re posting game is weak. (Also, you need strong SEO research but that’s for another blog. So come back for that!) You’ll have to blog your chosen topic over and over again to create a loyal audience, to become an expert, and to ultimately monetize your blog. Yup. Your blog should focus on one topic ONLY. If you blog about food and fashion and your relationship status, you’ll not only confuse your audience, but also Google. And you don’t want a loopy Google on your hands!

Think long term, niecey poo

What do you want to do with this blog long term? What’s your goal? When I began blogging in 2005 (again, The Wild Wild West of Blogging) I did not have a plan in place, so it took me a few years to see a real profit, quit my day job, and become a full-time creativepreneur. And there was rarely any competition then. Now, the bloggersphere is saturated with bloggers dishing on all things. This is why you must plan your trajectory in advance. Thing about your blog as a business from the onset. Choose your blog niche, research what other bloggers are writing about and/or selling, and take an online blogging course (I’m offering one for FREE for newbie bloggers) if you need to start off on the right foot. Do the groundwork before posting a blog and expecting any real monetary gain.

Plan your content first

It is essential to plan your content before you start a blog. Again, think long term. If you sit down and map out all of the blog topics you will cover after choosing a blog niche and can only brainstorm 3 story ideas, your blog niche may not interest you enough or it may be too specific. If you feel you don’t have enough material, pivot. Go back to step 1 (skills, skills, skills) until you feel confident you can create enough content to run a successful blog and business. You can do it, Chile’! See you in the Caribbean!

Not a reader? Watch my video on choosing a blog niche for monetization before starting a blog!

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