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Stuck on a Blog Domain Name? I Got Tips!

What’s in a blog domain name? Honey, errrrrrrything! Choosing the correct blog domain name can either make or break your “work from home as a blogger” bank – and I know you’re here because you want to make that dollar, dollar, bill yo!

Okay, I’m going to stop being dramatic (or at least try) and share my advice on choosing the correct blog domain. I know a thing or two because at the start of my blogging career (back in ’05!) I chose LoveSujeiry.com as my domain. Why? Because it was synonymous with two things: love and relationships and me, Sujeiry – a self-branded love and relationship blogger. It worked in my favor; my name, Sujeiry, is rare, so competition was scarce. And I ruled the digital Latinx relationship market! (Enter evil laugh.)

Do you have to use your name? Not unless you’re creating a brand. LoveSujeiry worked for the brand I created then. It still works for me as it reflects my expertise as a blogging coach. In other words, I’m not only the client, I’m the mother f-ing President!

Enough about me! Here some advice on how to choose a blog domain name.

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Add your primary keyword in the domain (URL)

Do you write about recipes? Then “recipes” should be part of your URL. Do you sell about tulle skirts? You guessed it, “tulle skirts” should part of your URL. When you use your primary keyword in your URL this makes Google very very happy, which means it makes you happy. (Cause you get traffic!) Search engines and readers alike will know exactly what your website is about, and that’s exactly what you want. Extra tip: add your keyword in the beginning of your URL. Google likes that too.

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Brainstorm various names

Don’t get stuck on one name because it’s kitschy and soooooo you. Truth of the matter is that your domain is less about you and more about strategy. Brainstorm a few names (with keywords in the beginning of the URL). Do not decide on a name (and shout it out on the ‘Gram) until you know it’s actually available. Look up your domain availability on Knowem.com. This free tool also reveals if your fantastic name is available on all social media platforms. That’s what you want in order to built consistency and brand identity. Ahum, @LoveSujeiry errrrrrrywhere.

Always use a .com

You’re so excited, you’re so excited (enter Saved by the Bell gif here – if you don’t know what I mean, shame on you!), you’re so scared! Because your thought out, well researched name is taken! “So what,” you say, “I’m sticking to it…there’s a .net.” STAAAAAAAAAAAAAHP! As desperate as you may be to use anything other than a .com, don’t do it. It reeks of Amateur Hour. Just go back to the drawing board.

Keep it simple and short

The longer your main URL, the longer will be every URL on your blog. Imagine your blog name is fashionforflyurbanmoms.com. One of your posts is titled “How to Wear Animal Print as an Urban Mom” and that URL extension is /how-to-wear-animal-print. Ummmmmmmm. You’re entire post URL will then be fashionforflyurbanmoms.com/how-to-wear-animal-print. In other words, disastrously long! Girl, do yourself a favor and keep your domain name short, sweet, and to the point.

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Avoid hyphens

Again, short and sweet – and no hyphens! When you introduce yourself to a potential client, you don’t say, “Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Sujeiry hyphen Gonzalez hyphen Blogging hyphen Coach!” That’s what it sounds like when you add hyphens to your domain. So, again, STAAAAAAAAAAAAAHP!

And last but certainly not least, thing long term.

It’s a bitch to change a domain name after you’ve published loads of blog content. If you do, you then lose your old URLs and have broken links. That’s why it’s essential to think long term when choosing your blog name. What do you want to do wit this website? What is the ultimate goal? I beg you to think about this and your niche. It will save you a world of time and you’ll be Ahead of the Class (yet another reference for the oldies who read this blog!) as quickly as Lisa Turtle screams, “Screech!”

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