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Why I Don’t Have A Sex Tape: The Usher Edition

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Why I Don’t Have A Sex Tape: The Usher Edition

Usher Has A Sex TapeI’ve never understood the fascination with filming oneself while having sex. Faces contort while in the throws of orgasm and I’m pretty sure back chichos and cellulite are exposed when the 16:9 aspect ratio camera zooms in on our assets.  And let’s face it. Most of us don’t wax our pepas™ and ass hairs daily. We are not porn stars, dammit!

Since celebrities film themselves having sex more than porn stars, it’s no surprise that Usher has joined the sex tape Olympics.  He doesn’t need it for publicity or to sell records. This sex tape leak was actually an accident, unlike the likes of Kim Kardashian and talentless company.  In December 2009, two laptops and $1 million dollars worth of jewelry were stolen from the trunk of Usher’s care. And guess what was on one of the laptops? Yup, a sex tape between Usher and his ex-wife, Tameeka Foster.  TMZ has two stills of the sex tape which confirms that it is indeed the former couple. Apparently, they’re getting down and dirty. Key word being “down”.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make love in the club with Usher, now’s your chance! Buy the soon-to-be sold sex tape, hang a strobe light in your bedroom, and get ready to grind all night long.  It’ll be like your very own virtual threesome.

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