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The Bachelor: Blurring Fantasy with Reality

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The Bachelor: Blurring Fantasy with Reality

If you’ve ever watched “The Bachelor,” you realize how fantasy impacts reality. When dates consist of horse carriage rides and picnics in the Swiss Alps, we go along for the ride, even when “The Bachelor” needs a set of curlers for his hair. In real relationships, women count their lucky stars if a man takes them to dinner and a movie. In real relationships, women don’t have a makeup artist on set and men certainly can’t afford to fly you around the world on a daily basis. On “The Bachelor,” women get all this and more. For four to six weeks, they live in a pretty bubble filled with champagne and red roses, which leads to the following.

I Love You…Because Of The Swizz Alps
It comes as no surprise that each and every contestant falls in love so quickly with “The Bachelor,” a man they do not know. A night of dancing in Puerto Rico alone would dazzle most women. Imagine how quickly you’d fall if you had salsa, skinny dipping, a hot tub, rose pedals and a mansion? The thing is that most men, when under pressure, reciprocate feelings of love to about any woman who says, “I love you.” With a camera in his face and a longing woman waiting to hear those three little words, the pressure is just too much to bear. He doesn’t want to look like an a-hole so he nods and smiles and says, “I feel the same way!” Maybe he does. While watching Ben Flajnik this season, many were convinced he did have feelings for Lindzi and Nicki and Courtney, the woman he proposed to in the end. Blame it on the air pressure in Switzerland.

Questioning Self-Worth
The saddest point of this season was when “The Bachelor,” Ben Flajnik, rejected Kacie B. She jumped in the back of the limo and infamously expressed while sobbing, “Why wasn’t I good enough?” Kacie B. may have struggled with self-esteem before the show, but it seems many women break down in a similar fashion. Take Jenna Burke, the dating blogger who was also booted. She almost hyperventilated during her exit. The show just magnifies internal issues. Yes, rejection is something all should experience. It keeps us grounded and we appreciate love so much more when we do receive it. However, to question our self-worth because of a game show is tragic. To believe we are not good enough is just not good enough.

Smells Like Desperation
This show brings out the worst in women. Cattiness, jealousy, hysterics – you name it, and women have demonstrated this behavior on “The Bachelor.” Courtney, the winner, was mean because she “felt uncomfortable.” Blakely, one of the contestants, showed off her boobs because she wanted to take away attention from the other women. Emily continuously criticized Courtney because she didn’t want Ben to end up with her. Women should stick together, not fight over a man who will break up with us in a few months. This is the pattern of “The Bachelor,” isn’t it? None of the relationships last.

It’s safe to say the women of “The Bachelor” are fighting, sobbing and acting ridiculous in vain. That is how this fantasy world affects self-worth and values. So, take your trips to the vineyard and your private movie screenings and shove it. A life of dinner and a movie may be simple but at least it’s real.

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