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Social Media What? Mila Kunis Won’t Tweet About Motherhood

Mila Kunis
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Social Media What? Mila Kunis Won’t Tweet About Motherhood

Mila Kunis won’t tweet about motherhood but should she? Some thoughts on celebrity, social media and what to share with fans when you want fame and privacy.

Have you heard? Mila Kunis is having a baby with Ashton Kutcher. Hooray for Kelso and Jackie!

I know, I know. Old news. But what’s new news is Kunis’ feelings toward sharing the ups and downs of motherhood with her fans on social media.

She isn’t sharing anything at all, she told YourTango.

I get it. I’ve talked a lot about social media and what to share when in a relationship. And in general. It’s tough when in a position like Mila – a Hollywood actress and star that needs to share with fans to keep relevant, but wants to keep things private. I may not be at her level but I have my people. They may not ask me for autographs (yet) but many of my tweeties and Facebook fans love it when I share photos of my life. And, yes, my relationships.

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Thing is I have made a living sharing my experiences in love and live. At times I do want to keep things private. My new relationship, for instance, is amazing. I want to keep it all to myself, though I know my readers are rooting for it’s success. They want me to be happy.

So, I understand where Mila is coming from. Some things should be kept sacred. Even if it means distancing yourself from the people that have helped your career.

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