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Lights, Camera, Action! Kim Kardashian Engaged

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Lights, Camera, Action! Kim Kardashian Engaged

Lace Dress Sujeiry20.5 carats. That is the size of Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring. I don’t even know what 20.5 carats looks like. Is it as big as a clock? Does it carry a lock? Did her fiance Kris Humphries checking account scream, “Foooock!”

What we do know is that on May 18th, Kris (her boyfriend turned fiancé not her momma) went down on bended knee. Kim walked into her Beverly Hills bedroom and was “shocked” by all the cheese (as in corn). “Will You Marry Me?” was spelled with a dozen rose petals. After saying “Yes,” this is was Kim had to say to People magazine.

“I didn’t expect this at all. I was in such shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now.”

Wait. The E! camera crew didn’t jump out of her closet at any point? Escandalo!

It was also reported that Mama Kris threw an engagement party mere hours after Kris proposed. At the party, “mini horses” (Kim’s words, not mine) covered in glitter appeared, and apparently it was “hysterical.”

Tell that to the horses who will have glitter in their pepas™ for days!

20.5 carats. That’s what a reality star, though beautiful, received. And it looks something like this:

Damn, I need to make and “accidentally” release a sex tape.

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