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Don’t Wait on Eternal Bachelors Because of George Clooney

Amal Alamuddin

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Don’t Wait on Eternal Bachelors Because of George Clooney

Does his engagement to Amal give hope to women waiting on eternal bachelors?

George Clooney’s exes sobbed tears of regret last week when they heard the tragic news; the Clooney is engaged to the beautiful and intelligent lawyer, Amal Alamuddin.

Here’s a tissue, Elizabeth Canalis. Here’s a virtual hug, Sarah Larson (whatever happened to this cocktail waitress)? And Stacy Keibler may be married with a baby on the way, but you bet she’s cursing him silently since George stole her PR thunder. How will she get attention now, Clooney?!

But back to George and Amal, who walked out of Nobu with George with a ring on that hand and on that finger. George’s camp has not confirmed the engagement, but his Dad did.

“We are thrilled … my wife and I are absolutely thrilled … we are excited for both of them. Amal is a very lovely girl.”

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Amal Alamuddin’s firm also issued a statement congratulating the couple on their engagement.

“The barristers and staff of Doughty Street Chambers offer their best wishes and congratulations to Ms Amal Alamuddin, a member of Chambers, and Mr George Clooney on their engagement to be married.”

Now, what does this mean for those women who are waiting for an eternal bachelor to put a ring on it? Nothing! That’s right, ladies. I believe that George Clooney and Anal Alamuddin are the exception to the rule. Eternal bachelors don’t want to marry and settle down, hence the name ‘eternal bachelors.’ Often times men like George are candid about their desire to remain single. They will commit to a woman up to a certain point but not forever, not legally.

But George said he’d never marry again and he’s engaged! You say.

Correct. Maybe George was tired of playing the field, as many men are at some point. Maybe he finally met his match. Or it was all about timing, as it is many times in relationships. That doesn’t mean your love will come around like George did.

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Think about it. George and Anal just began dating. She wasn’t waiting on him for years. He knew she was ‘it’ and so he popped the question without any convincing, it seems. Sorry for Sarah and the rest – he just wasn’t convinced that they were ‘it’ so, well, he split. Because when a man knows, he knows.

So, there, there. Another man will come along that is ready to commit. In the meantime, here’s a tissue and an extra tight virtual hug as well.

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