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Marriage Is Dead! The Captain and Tennille Head for Divorce

The Captain and Tennille

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Marriage Is Dead! The Captain and Tennille Head for Divorce

When a 39 year old marriage is headed for divorce court, we ask, why? Reports say that after three decades of marriage The Captain and Tennille are divorcing.

The Captain and Tennille
Love won’t keep us together! The Captain and Tennille head for divorce.

You’re 72 years old and have been with your man for 39 years of marriage. Then you decide that you’re sick of his wrinkly booty and face and file for divorce. That’s what Toni Tennille from musical group The Captain and Tennille did. And all I can say is, “Whyyyyyy?!”

I don’t know most of their music. So that’s not why I’m so saddened by this news. I just don’t understand why a couple would throw in the towel after three decades. Maybe love couldn’t keep them together but at seventy something I assume you’re satisfied with companionship. Couldn’t they just sleep in separate beds? Don’t they have enough money to buy a big enough house that has a dozen rooms so they don’t have to see each other’s wrinkly faces? What is the point of getting divorced after spending so many years with someone?

Toni, are you trying to get some young love and finish off the rest of your days as a cougar? “Do That to Me One More Time” has a whole new meaning now.

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Reports say that The Captain doesn’t know why Toni filed for divorce. They’re still living in the same house. But a few years ago Toni said that The Captain has Parkinson’s disease. Apparently, his tremors are so bad that he can’t play the keyboard anymore.

So is that it? Toni, are you going to go find yourself a hot, young musician to woo you?

Whatever the reason, it’s sad, sad, sad. I can’t imagine being with someone for that long and deciding to call it quits. Hopefully, it’s just a temporary lapse of judgment. Maybe her 73-year-old mind just didn’t understand what she was doing! Until then I’ll keep saying, “Whyyyyyyy?!”

Why do you think someone would call their marriage quits after so many years?

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