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The Bachelor: I Kiss You and You but Chica Not YOU!


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The Bachelor: I Kiss You and You but Chica Not YOU!

On this episode of The Bachelor, Lauren S. cries because Juan Pablo denies her a kiss and Sharlene doubts her love of Juan Pablo and kids. And more bitchy talk!

KissingFrom talks of babies to a kissing ban – The Bachelor covered it all.

Imagine going in to kiss a man and getting denied. Pretty bad, huh? You feel rejected. Unwanted. Unattractive. Now, imagine going in to kiss a man that has kissed more than a handful of women and then getting denied. Do you feel your heart and ego breaking into little pieces? Cause that’s how I felt last night for Lauren S. on The Bachelor.

But let’s go back to the beginning of the episode, where Nikki is bitching and complaining because she doesn’t want to dance with 2NE1, a famous pop group from South Korea. Oh yeah, Juan Pablo and the ladies went to Seoul! Talk about language barriers and jet lag. I’m going to blame Nikki’s bitchiness on these elements. Nah, she’s just bitchy. The women on the show also agree, as they are spending enough time snickering about what a terrible person she is. She ain’t maternal, y’all. She isn’t Valentina material!

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Speaking of potential baby haters, let’s move onto Sharlene, who was forced to sing opera for Juan Pablo by Juan Pablo. She was kind of upset about it but did it anyway. Because there’s a rose on the line but she might not want the rose because she’s not sure if she likes Juan Pablo because he’s dull?!!! These were her comments in the confessional right before the date. However, on the date, she realizes that Juan Pablo isn’t bland at all!

“What is bland?” Juan Pablo asks.

“You have flavor. It’s a good thing,” Sharlene responds.

That’s the most backhanded compliment I ever heard.

They kiss again. This time Sharlene and Juan Pablo’s kiss isn’t awkward. There actually seems to be chemistry developing. But will Sharlene be a good mom to Valentina? Well, she may not want any kids, she admitted. She’s never thought about it. Uh oh. She also said that she dated a man that had a daughter; it bothered her that she wouldn’t be able to share the experience of having a first child with him. Double uh oh.

How did Juan Pablo react? He gave her the rose anyway. This relationship is doomed!

An update on the only speck of brown on the show: Danielle! She is still there, surprisingly. We never see her on camera and we never see her and Juan Pablo’s one-on-one time. When she is on camera, she hardly talks. But she did get a rose this episode so they are obviously spending time together. What gives, ABC?

Now, back to Lauren S. She cried and cried after Juan Pablo denied her a kiss. Why the shut down? He doesn’t want to kiss a bunch of women on television due to Valentina! Then he kisses Claire next scene. Ay yay yay!

Who went home? Lauren S. He just didn’t want to kiss you, girl.

How would you have dealt with the rejection?

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